A Hero

First Story. A girl raised in an abusive household meets a boy who is forced to do all good


1. The Scientists



                I was born to help, born to save, genetically engineered by scientists to be extra strong, fast, and immune to certain sicknesses and diseases, putting only the best genes in me and removing the worst. My name is Walter Barker, I am sixteen years old, and have pale brown eyes and light blonde hair. I've been training every single day, since the age of seven. I go to school ten hours a day, get trained in fighting five hours every other day, and the days I’m not learning to fight, I’m weight training. Time is pretty tight, I only get nine hours to eat and sleep. It takes about thirty minutes to prepare a lean meal, fifteen to clean, and almost forty to fall asleep, I only get about seven hours and fifteen minutes to sleep. I never interacted with others, other than when the scientist were teaching me to identify who does what drugs by looks, and to tell who was positively lying and to what extent the crime they were lying about was in severity. I am soon to start fighting crime, as soon as I turn seventeen, next week, they will send me out to try to rid New York of crime.                                           

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