It happens when two kids find out they have powers like no other. But they must run for there lives, but why read to find out


3. the epic battle

Heather woke up right before i screamed my head off. She asked were was she i said " in a cave with dragons and one more thing WE ARE DRAGONS."  no we are not" said heather right before we started to fight a load explosion went off and me and heather both jumped. And then there was a load roar and heather about screamed but before she could sarah started to cry. I said " heather shut up." I asked sarah what's wrong. She said " that was our father, he was trying to bye us some time but i guess he was killed by humans" Then she started to cry again. I tried to calm her and it worked but when i did there was another explosion and sarah tackled me to the floor. she was shivering like a wet dog. I was about to ask her something but her brother stopped me and toldme to come hear. I asked Sarah to git off of me but she was asleep. I said " she is asleep and i don't wan't to wake her up right now" He said " get your butt over here right now!!" when i tried to pry her off she was like superglue. she would not budge. Heather had to get her off. When i got up i rushed over to john. When i went over there he told me to look out the hole in the wall. When i did i looked like 400 nukes went off. there was blood ever where and there was dead human and dragon bodies every where. I said " what is going on here" john said " there is a war going on and it is between humans, dragons, vampires, and werewolves" " i looked at him like he was crazy. He said that the vampires and werewolves come out at night.




Later that day. We were all asleep, but i wasn't. I was was keep awake  by some noise and i was about to go to sleep when i heard a piecing howl. No body else heard it because they were still asleep. When i went to check out that noise, i was right beside the hole when a explosion hit me and the wall shattered. I was hit VERY hard because i was at the wall. John woke up first and he woke up the others.  When i got up i had the wind knocked out of me again. But when i did i felt fur.When i moved my hand it hit what ever that thing was like a tennis ball. When i got up and and looked around i seen my worst nightmare.                

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