The Annual Cleansing

This is a characters view on a world where the government has collapsed and anything is legal. Kind of like a mix between The Hunger Games and The Purge. Hope you enjoy!


1. Alyssa

    I pace, trying to calm my ever-strung-high nerves. This shouldn't be happening. I remind myself. This isn't natural. I can't come to the correct conclusion about what has taken control of the reigns, metaphorically speaking, and taken over this world. This world. This world. Not my world, or our world. It's their world.

    Their world.

    The wounded wander the streets, trying to find a rat-infested alleyway that isn't already occupied. The Hunters -the ones who prowl the streets in the dead of night- kill without mercy or second thought. It's as if they were conceived merely for the sole purpose of fulfilling their list; a never ending game of cat-and-mouse. 

    Houses aren't really houses anymore. They're shelters, storage areas, torture chambers. The "government" funds this event, paying those who participate with weapons sort of like sponsors. Which is even more sickening, in my opinion. If it's not bad enough these people sit at home -what passes for a home nowadays- and watch the television broadcast with a beer in one hand and grubby sausage fingers shoving greasy food in their mouths, but they provide weapons for the coldblooded killers who participate. 

    Currency doesn't really matter it's not like there's a Walmart open anymore. There is a black market, however you must always go during daylight hours; that is, is you're brave enough to go at all. Cell phones don't particularly work; the service here is dreadfully slow. Radio waves are truly the only way to communicate now. Gasoline is a first come first served kind of thing. You'd be lucky to have a mechanical engineer on your side.

    There are ones like me, those who refuse to go out of their way to harm others, but we won;t back down when it comes to defending ourselves. I'll do what I have to do to protect myself.

    It started out as a yearly celebration, lasting twenty-four hours to help maintain the growing population. After so many years, a genius finally devised a plan to overthrow the government, to make the world his own. Now it's every night, and it's beginning to stretch into daylight hours as well.

    In this world no place is safe.

    No one's ever safe. 

    Welcome to the world of the Annual Cleansing.

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