what a wonderful world

"I will never stop loving you. I will love you forever" those were the last words he said to me. Hi I am Rosa and I dates the Harry styles until he decided we should break up because long distance relationships don't work. But before he left he told me he will always love me. I really miss him but no one besides my best friend Sofia and my sisters Jennifer and Taylor know that we dated and my parents of course. I know his family knows we dated because I met them. But I am kind of angry with him because he never bothered to call, text or even tweet me.

What will happen when they meet again?


1. Big News

Rosa's P.O.V


I looked in the mirror. It was the day I was going to meet my friend Sofia at Starbucks. I was wearing a yellow summer dress with pink hearts and a jean jacket. I had on gold toms and my hair was straight. I looked at my makeup- blue eye shadow and no lipstick and it really brought out my blue eyes and blonde hair. I checked the clock it was 11:45 I had to meet Sofia at Starbucks at 12 and it was 15 minutes away. "Bye guys!" I yell to my sisters and parents as I left. 

**15 minutes later**

I walked into Starbucks. " hey Rosa!" Sofia yells. "Hey" I say as I sit down in the booth. "I ordered you a coffee" Sofia says and she handed me the cup of coffee. "Thanks" I say.

"So how are you dealing with...you know?" She says "if you're talking about what happened with Harry then I am fine. It has been a month since he got a new girlfriend and I am very much okay with it" I say "really?'' Sofia asks. "No" I answer and I start to cry. "Awww... Its okay ro (that is her nickname for me) he doesn't know what he lost when he left" she said trying to cheer me up. "Thanks" I say.

**next day**

I went to work and I went to my desk. "Rosa please come to my office" my boss said. ''You wanted to see me?" I ask as I walk in. "Yes. I wanted to tell you we are having a famous boy band come and I want you to write an article about them for the paper." "Okay" I say "which boy band?" "One direction" he answers "they are coming tomorrow. Good luck"

Oh no. He's coming. 

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