Forever in My Heart

This about my girlfriend, and kind of how we met. I wrote this because I was doing an assignment for class and used a little line in it "Forever in My Heart" and the first thing I began thinking about was her. So, I began writing this, completely abandoning the assignment (just being honest). She really enjoys my other story, so I'm hoping she really appreciates this one as much or more than Hour Zero. I just wish I was better at poems.


1. Forever in My Heart

It’s hard to believe we’ve practically just met,

it feels like I’ve always known you.

Now we’re together and I couldn’t be happier,

oh and don’t worry this is gonna get sappier.

Your good friend decided to move to sit with another,

so you took her seat across from me.

It’s then that I saw you, I wanted to speak,

but I couldn’t bring myself to it cause I felt to weak.

You jumped into one of my conversations and I took the chance,

I started to talk with you, but just the small kind.

Hours passed like days on that bus, time went real slow,

yet all I could think about was how I seemed to care for you so.


As the trip went on we began to talk more,

but you were on floor two while I was on four.

I didn’t get your number, not yet as least,

but tried to not think about you so much while my room had a feast.

While in the room I told the guys, asked if they knew you if only a little,

one spoke up, said he did, but not closely more just knowing who you are.

The next day came and we all went to that factory.

I tried to be in your group but it was too large,

so I was put another another, far yet near to you.

The day went on and I barely saw you for anymore than a glimpse,

not until later when we had to return.

Back on the bus we went, with our bus driver Lyle,

in hindsight we should have put his stories in a file.

Not until the park did we actually talk, after I was offered a spot in your group.

While at the park we didn’t go on any rides,

instead we just talked and talked, as neither of us like coasters

As we talked I realized my suspicion was right,

I had developed a crush on you, with no end in sight.

I told your closer friends, asking if they knew how you felt,

but all I ever got was “find out for yourself”.


On the ride back, the trip at an end,

we finally swapped numbers, ruing that fact.

I feared I’d never see you again, after that day,

maybe only a “hello” or two in the halls, but nothing more.

Your friends tried to order me around, despite me being older,

telling me I had to tell you how I felt, before the trip was over.

I didn’t want to, I was too shy,

Fearing rejection, I didn’t even want to try.

Just before I left, I worked up the nerve,

told you I liked you, cause it was true

I caught you off guard, you said nothing,

but later night night I found out you thought something.

You liked me too, it turned out,

then school came back and we met again.

The next few days we just talked, getting more used to each other,

and after that time I made the move.


Asking you to be mine made me real nervous,

but then you said yes, with that smile of yours and a look in the eye.

Now we’re together, and we have shared our feelings.

I love you and you love me, that’s just how it is.

I know this isn’t the best, I’m not very good with poems,

but I’m writing from the heart, and that what counts.

I will always love you, I promise you that.

Forever in my heart, now and tomorrow,

no matter what happens, that will always be so.

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