Last day

I based this on a picture from the Internet. Please comment. I want to see if this works.


1. Last day

I hug him close. I can feel his heart beat, calm and steady. He is ready but I'm not. I'm not ready to say goodbye. Tears begin to slip down my cheek. My body shakes. Not now. Not ever. He can't leave me behind.

He tries to calm me down but I can't stop. I begin to cry.

We lie on the grass, my arms locking him in a death grip. I don't want him to go. 

He starts to make a shushing sound and strokes my hair. It soothes me and I relax. 

Slowly we sit up and lean against a tree. We hold hands, our fingers entwined. I gaze into his eyes as he begins to speak to me. Telling me he'll be ok. He'll be back soon. I won't be alone.

I will be alone though. I've seen the programmes. But I'll be strong. For him I'll be strong.



We walk along the platform pulling his luggage. We say our final goodbyes and I watch him board the train. 

Off to war goes my little tin soldier.

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