a mother loss

this story is about a young girl called Zendaya who didn't know who her mum was till 3 years ago, she didn't know she had a sister or an illness that threatened her preacious life


1. Remembering meeting her

i knew it would be the last time I would see Zendaya when she was lying on that hospital bed with multiple tubes attached to her as the hours passed and her whole body was draining of colour I remember meeting her for the first time 3 years ago....


She had text me, but I had no idea who it was, she told me she knew me but I didn't recognise her at all, maybe mum did I showed mum a picture of a young woman, who looked about 19 or maybe. 20 , she had long flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Mum stared at the picture for a while, I had a feeling mum knew who she was but she didn't tell me she just nodded About 2 hours later this girl turned up on the doorstep she smiled at me I just smiled back and brung her into the house and lead her into the living room she looked around and smiled, she must of recognised something inm the house.

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