My entry to the "Death & Co." Art competition!!!
If you could please take time to look at it and comment, I would really appreciate it!
Thanks all, and good luck to all my fellow competitors!!!
Tory B :)


1. There's more to life than death...


I have now finally finished my drawing for the competition!!! Just in time! Sorry for the wait! :-)

I am not very happy with the quality of my pictures of it so I will be uploading several different versions of it because I'm soooo picky. I spent absolutely ages on this, so I really do appricate it if you could take a look. :)

It is a pencil drawing, done entirely with pencils (HB, 4B, 2B etc...) and I have tried to go into quite a lot of detail in it, which is why I am so annoyed at the low picture quality I am getting when I try to get it on the screen. But hey ho, here they are anyway...

*So here is the SCANNED VERSION...

...Which has come out really really light. Grrr...


*So I decided to tweak it a bit on 'Fotor' and darken it so you could see it in a bit more detail, and here are the results...

...And volia!!! You can see a bit more of the detail!!!

 -Just wanna point out what's on my picture just in case you can't tell... There is the boy 'Adam Mortson' in the middle and next to him, his own grave... DUN, DUN... DUN!!!! (He doesn't die- it is only meant to be there to give a more mystic feel to the picture.) The grave has 'R.I.P -Adam Mortson - There's more to life than death' engraved on it and there are these kind of spooky looking spirits/ grey smoke and fog coming out of the grave and all around the place. To Adam's left (right to us) there is a mysterious looking reaper/ghost creature and then behind the grave a creepy church with a moon behind high in the sky! :-)

Together I think I have managed to make all these elements mix well with each other, and I hope you can see it in the same detail it is drawn in in real life.

Thanks!!! Below I am sticking a few photos of the different parts of the picture so you can see them more clearly. (Hopefully anyway!!!) Some I have darkened in 'Fotor' again so you can see them better as they have come out a lot lighter than they are in real life. 

*But here are my photo versions anyway...

...And I think I have managed to cover it all there!

Sorry for rambling on and I hope you can see them well enough on the screen!!!

Good luck in the competition everyone else!!! :-)


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