The golden apple

This story is about three friends who find an apple in the basement of the house of Emma. It was not a normal apple, it was a golden apple.


1. Uninvited guest

I woke up at the morning, the sun was shining. I had a teribble headache and it wouldent go away. I walked slowly down the stairs and looked for my mum. I screamed for her and checked all rooms, but she wasn't her. I thought she was gone, so i tried to call her. She did not answer, so i called Emma. "Hi Ashley!" she said. "Hey, can you help me?" i said with a conserned voice. "Yes of course, what is it?" she answered. "Well, it's my mum.. She is gone!" i said with a much more conserned voice. "Have you checked all the rooms, even her bedroom?" she asked me. "Yes, yes of course! Can you come over?" i said. "Yes, be there in a minute." One minute later someone knocked on my door. She really got here in a minute, i thought to myself. I opened the door. It wasent her! "HELP!" i screamed. As the man dragged me down the celler.

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