Living With A Perfect.

She was a nobody, He was a perfect. How will they cope when they find out they must stay together. Especially when the King Of Perfects has a deep dark secret?


1. Ariel Julia Sherlock

              Name: Ariel Julia Sherlock.

Age: 16 years of age.

Bio: Well hello! My name is Ariel Sherlock and yes that is me in the picture. I currently go to Fall Glades High. My parents are part of the ‘Sherlock & Mitchell’ law firm. I guess you could say I’ve lived a comfortable life but my parents believed that I should try to get things done myself. I’m not an attention seeker, so I don’t go with my parents to their work parties and all that jazz. . . Anyway we both know if they drag me with them, I’ll just stay in the corner and read a book. I don’t really fit in with any of the groups at school. Cheerleaders, Emos or Goths and the Geeks. I was in the ‘Geek’ group until the time when this pimpled face, bad breath senior proposed a reproducing experiment between the two of them. Then there’s the ‘Perfects’ the elite group of the Student Council. Good Looks, Perfect Grades, Perfect Manners. Just ‘perfect’ I think that’s all for now, so ciao!

(Her hair is a natural red <3 )


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