A Sad Love Story

Kim is the daughter of Annabelle, who truly hates her mom's new boyfriend. Annabelle is divorced and dating and has a new man in her life in which she is pregnant with his kid. Read on to see how Kim and Nathan's relationship changed within a blink of an eyes. Also, see what happens when Kim and Louis's on-off relationship goes. When Kim moves in with her dad, she reunites with an old childhood friend. See if Kim and Louis can resist being apart or are they really needed for eachother? And see how Kim reunites with Rick at the end which is supposed to be touchy and sad. I'm sensitive so when I wrote it, it was sad lol, but hope you don't get emotional lol. Thank you.


1. 1.1

Zayn: Imagine just getting to be prom king, that'll be so legit right? 

Liam: That'll be awesome; I mean I was homecoming king. *smiles* 

Zayn: That was awesome; I can't believe you won it. 

Liam: I know right. 

Niall: Yeah you were and I'm jealous because you stole my spotlight. 

Liam: C'mon Niall, you know I didn't sign up to be the homecoming king.  

Niall: Still. 

Harry: I was formal's king. 

Zayn: Yeah you were huh. 

Niall: That must have been fun. 

Harry: It was actually. *chuckles* 

Zayn: I'm really hoping to win Prom King. 

Liam: I know you will. 

Harry: Hey Louis, what's wrong? 

Louis: Nothing. What are we talking about? 

Zayn: Me being Prom King. 

Louis: You're not because I'm gonna win. *smiles* 

Zayn: *laughs* Funny, we'll see about that. 

Louis: May the best man win. *smiles big* 

Kim: Hey. 

Louis: Hey? 

Kim: I read your text yesterday, were you serious? 

Louis: *looks at the guys then to kim* What more do you want me to say? Take a walk with me. Guys, I'll be back. *grabs kims hand and walks off* 

Kim: You're not really breaking up with me are you? 

Louis: That text was serious, I met another girl and I'm crazy about her. 

Kim: *hurt* Really, what's so great about her that you want to break up with me? 

Louis: Kim, I think I might even be in love with her. 

Kim: Where'd you met her? 

Louis: The mall last month. 

Kim: Last month? And you hid it from me? 

Louis: It's over between us Kim, why can't you just accept that. 

Kim: Does she go here? 

Louis: Actually, she does. 

Kim: Wow. 

Louis: Do you mind? I'm meeting her in a bit. 

Kim: Are you getting rid of me already? That fast! 

Zayn: I wonder what they're talking about. 

Niall: Looks serious. 

Liam: Yeah, it does. 

Harry: I'm sure it's nothing. 

Liam: You sure? 

Harry: Maybe. 

Louis: The feelings for you aren't there anymore Kim. So do me a favor and move on too ok. 

Kim: *tears slowly falls down* 

Louis: No need for that, I'm not worth crying for. *sees Eleanor and walks off* 

Kim: *falls to her knees* 

Niall: What? 

Louis: *smiles* Hey babe. *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *hugs Louis back* Hey. 

Liam: What just happened? 

Harry: Hold on. *walks to kim* Kim? 

Kim: *looks up and hugs harry* 

Harry: Kim?! What happened?  

Kim: *crying* Louis broked up with me Harry. He cheated on me with another girl. 

Harry: *hugs kim* I'm sorry. 

Zayn: He cheated! That doesn't sound like him Kim. 

Liam: We only saw Zayn. Was it that girl he was hugging? 

Zayn: I'm sure things are gonna go ok tomorrow.  

Kim: No! 

Zayn: Have faith in yourself Kim! 

Niall: Hey! You don't need to talk to her that way Zayn. 

Liam: Niall's right Zayn, why are you acting like this towards Kim? You never do. 

Zayn: *looks at kim and leaves* 

Annabelle: Hey honey, how was school today? 

Nathan: Kim, your mother's talking to you. 

Kim: Mom, can we talk. *looks at Nathan* Alone. 

Annabelle: What's wrong honey? 

Kim: *cries* 

Annabelle: Honey? *hugs kim* What happened? Why are you crying? 

Kim: Louis broked up with me. *hugs Annabelle* 

Annabelle: *gasp* what, he was so in love with you though. 

Kim: Mom, I'm so hurt. 

Annabelle: After all that hard work fighting to get with you, he breaks up with you. Honey, I knew he wasn't worth it. 

Kim: Mom, I really, really did love him. 

Annabelle: Three years weren't worth it honey. When you go to college, you'll meet better guys there. 

Kim: I don't want anyone, but Louis. 

Annabelle: I know, I know. 

Kim: I, I want to be alone in my room. *leaves* 

Nathan: I knew he was trouble. 

Annabelle: Nathan, you don't know how long and hard that kid fought for my daughter's love. 

Nathan: So? 

Annabelle: It took him two years. He's been in love with her since the 7th grade and finally got my approval and her father's approval in the 9th grade. 

Nathan: That doesn't interest me babe. 

Annabelle: Nothing does. *goes and kisses Nathan* 

Niall: *walks up to Louis* Hey. 

Louis: Niall, this is Eleanor, my girlfriend. *smiles* 

Niall: Girlfriend? *fakes a smile* Hi, I'm Niall, one-fifth of the group. 

Eleanor: Yeah, he told me about you guys. I'm glad I met you. I heard you guys are fun to be around. 

Niall: Umm, it depends. 

Louis: He's lying, come meet them. 

Niall: Yeah, yeah you should meet the others. *scratches his head* 

Kim: Are they coming this way? 

Liam: Yep. 

Louis: Eleanor, these are my friends Zayn, Liam, and Harry. Guys, this is Eleanor my girlfriend. 

Eleanor: It's nice to meet you guys finally. *smiles* Who's this? You must be the girlfriend of... 

Kim: Ex-girlfriend of Louis. *walks off* 

Eleanor: Oh? *looks at Louis* 

Louis: She's nothing babe, don't worry. 

Harry: Kim. *runs after kim* 

Kim: What?! 

Harry: You're just gonna run off like that? 

Kim: What's there for me to say and do Harry? He's happy with her! He didn't even look at me or in the eyes. Even worse, he didn't say my name to her. *walks off* 

Harry: Where are you going? 

Kim: To my friends. 

Harry: We're your friends. 

Kim: Not anymore, it's time I leave the den and meet new friends. 

Harry: No, don't do that, we need you. 

Kim: Not when Louis and his girlfriend's there. 

Harry: They won't be. 

Kim: How do you know? 

Harry: I don't, I'm just saying. 

Kim: Until you know, I will come back. *leaves* 

Harry: Ok? *walks back* 

Liam: Where is she? 

Louis: Who cares about her guys, it's all about Eleanor now. 

Eleanor: *smiles* 

Harry: Kim's been with us since the 7th grade, we can't just get rid of her like it's nothing. 

Louis: She left Harry. 

Harry: And I'll make sure she comes back. 

Niall: *looks at harry* 

Louis: Go for it, and if she doesn't come back, you better stay with her.  

Harry: Oh, so you're gonna ruin our friendship over a stupid new girlfriend. 

Louis: She's not stupid. 

Niall: Actually, she is.  

Louis: What'd you say Niall. 

Niall: If she was smart, she wouldn't have come between you and Kim. I'm with Harry on getting Kim back. 

Louis: Same goes to you Niall! Can't get Kim back, stay out of the group! Who's next in line?! 

Liam: I'm, I'm sorry, but I'm leaving too. 

Zayn: Yeah, me too. 

Louis: Guys? Really? 

Harry: How about Louis, you leave the group with your girlfriend. 

Louis: Fine! I will. *grabs eleanors hand* C'mon babe, let's go. *walks off* 

Annabelle: Hey honey. 

Kim: *throws her bag* Hi. 

Nathan: Bad day with the ex-again? 

Kim: What do you know about my relationship! All you did was doubt us down and congrats! You won! 

Annabelle: Kim, don't. 

Nathan: Don't say I didn't tell you. 

Kim: You know what! *pushes Nathan* Why don't you stay out of this! 

Annabelle: Kim! 

Kim: I feel sorry for you mom. You're having Nathan's child and he's nothing, but using you for money and a place to stay. 

Annabelle: That's enough! What's gotten into you!? 

Kim: What's gotten into me? What's gotten into me! 

Nathan: Her break-up, duh. 

Kim: Nathan is the reason for me acting this way! I hate him mom! Why can't you see that he's a bad person! 

Annabelle: Nathan is not a bad person Kim. Why aren't you happy for me? 

Kim: Because of Nathan dad and you are divorced! Things were going ok until he walked in! *cries* Things were great until Nathan came between you and dad. Not just that anymore, but you're having his child too! That's even worst. 

Annabelle: Don't blame him for things that happened to you and your relationship! And this child will be here soon, so appreciate her! 

Kim: Appreciate her? Never. *grabs her bag and runs off* 

Annabelle: No, Kim! 

Nathan: *pulls Annabelle back* It's ok, let her. 

Annabelle: She's my daughter! *runs after kim* Kim! 

Kim: *drives off* 

Nathan: Just let her go, she'll be fine. 

Annabelle: She's my child Nathan. 

Nathan: She won't be the only one anymore.  

Annabelle: *walks back in the house* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Harry: Kim?  

Kim: Can I stay here tonight. 

Harry: Yeah, of course you can. What happened? 

Anne: Kim? What happened? 

Kim: I got into an argument with my mom and her boyfriend. 

Harry: You can sleep in my room tonight, I'll sleep out here. 

Anne: Are you ok? 

Kim: I'm fine, it's just that my mom's boyfriend is an idiot. 

Anne: *wraps her arms around kim* You know you can always stay here when you need a place to hide or run to. 

Kim: Thanks Anne. 

Harry: Niall's gonna come here in a bit, so I hope you don't mind. 

Kim: No, that's totally fine with me. 

Harry: Great. *smiles* 

Niall: *rings the doorbell*  

Anne: *opens the door* Niall, please come in. *smiles* 

Niall: I saw Kim's car outside, is she... Kim! 

Kim: Hey. 

Niall: What are you doing here? 

Kim: I'm staying here for the night. 

Niall: Staying here for the night? What happened? 

Kim: Just stupid arguments with my mom and her boyfriend. 

Niall: Yeah, I really don't like Nathan at all. He looks like a serial killer. 

Kim: Exactly! He does right; glad I'm not the only one that sees that in him. 

Niall: How long are you staying here? 

Kim: Just tonight. 

Niall: You can stay at my place if you want to. We have an extra room, you can sleep in it. No one sleeps in it really, except when we have guests, but we haven't so. 

Kim: Yeah, thanks, I'll come by tomorrow if things don't go right. 

Niall: Ok. 

Harry: Or you can stay here. 

Niall: No. 

Harry: *changes the subject* Is Liam coming? 

Niall: He couldn't get a ride. 

Harry: Well, let's go pick him up. 

Niall: I thought Zayn was coming here? 

Harry: We can wait for him then. 

Kim: I can wait here for him, where are you guys going?  

Harry: We were gonna go watch a movie, care to come? 

Kim: Yeah, I'll wait for Zayn. 

Niall: Perfect, let's go pick up Liam. 

Kim: We'll meet you guys at the theater. 

Niall: Ok. 

Harry: *drives off* 

Zayn: Where are they going? 

Kim: Picking up Liam. 

Zayn: I could have picked him up, I live near him. 

Kim: Yeah, strange, but umm, I told them that we'll meet them at the theater. 

Zayn: My car's out of gas. 

Kim: That's fine; we can take my car, c'mon. 

Liam: Kim? You guys didn't tell me Kim was coming. *goes and hugs kim* How are you? 

Kim: I'm fine Liam, what about you? 

Liam: I'm great. 

Louis: *holding eleanors hand* Oh? I wasn't expecting to see you guys here. 

Harry: No, we weren't expecting to see you two here. 

Niall: This is our hang out spot Louis, why are you here? 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* Are you kidding me? I brought us here. I made this spot our hang out. 

Harry: Did you forget?  

Louis: Forget what. 

Zayn: You left the group remember? 

Liam: So therefore, you have to find new places to hang out. 

Louis: *chuckles* You can't kick me out, I found this place. 

Harry: You're not allowed in our hang out anymore! 

Louis: You know what, screw you guys anyways! Come on babe, let's go someplace else. *leaves* 

Anne: Hey guys. 

Harry: Hey mom. *kisses annes cheek* 

Anne: How was the movie? 

Harry: It was great; you should have came with us. 

Anne: Aww, maybe next time. 

Harry: I'm gonna shower up, I'll see you in a bit. *leaves* 

Kim: I'm gonna go to bed. 

Anne: Ok honey. *smiles* 

Harry: Where's Kim? 

Anne: She went to bed. 

Harry: Already? It's only nine. 

Anne: Harry. 

Harry: Right, I'll go check on her. 

Kim: Hey mom. 

Annabelle: Kim! Where are you honey? 

Kim: Don't worry about me, I'm fine. 

Annabelle: Where are you? 

Kim: Calm down, I'm ok, I'm in a safe place. 

Annabelle: Are you sure? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Annabelle: *silent* 

Kim: Mom. 

Annabelle: Yeah? 

Kim: I'm sorry for running off like that. 

Annabelle: It's ok honey; just tell me where you are going next time ok. 

Kim: And I'm sorry for arguing and going off on you. I never meant to hurt you. 

Annabelle: Kim, come home to mom. 

Kim: No, not tonight mom. 

Annabelle: Ok tomorrow? 

Kim: When I'm ready. 

Annabelle: Kim! 

Kim: Mom. 

Annabelle: Fine, when you're ready. 

Kim: Goodnight. 

Annabelle: Goodnight. 

Harry: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: *hangs up* Come in. 

Harry: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Harry: Not sleeping yet? 

Kim: Not tired really. 

Harry: Do you want to come downstairs? 

Kim: No, it's ok. 

Harry: Do you want me to sleep in here with you? I can. 

Kim: Please, it'll make me feel more comfortable. 

Harry: *smiles* Ok. 

Nathan: She's not coming home. 

Annabelle: No, she said when she's ready. 

Nathan: Who cares about her Anna, we're gonna have our own child soon, and it's all that matters. 

Annabelle: Kim is my only daughter and child. 

Nathan: Not for long. 

Annabelle: Yes, I know, but still she is right now. 

Nathan: I'm going to bed, goodnight. 

Annabelle: Nathan. 

Nathan: I said goodnight. 

Annabelle: Fine, goodnight.

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