My Lame Life....

Reading Diaries is the best way to rind out about someone so heres mine.


1. May 23, 2013

Dear Diary,

Hah, thats so weird I have never actually kept a Diary and now i decided to give the word a bit of myself by writing this. Well today has been an okay day, despite the fact that my Best Friend, Jenna, will be going to Disney Land tomorrow with my Frenemy Elizabeth. It totally sucks too cuz its the Senior Trip at my High school. I saw that Boy I liked today . I really like him and not in the weird way that I had started to like my Teacher. He was just soo Hot. And also not that Old which makes it kind of appropriate  for me to say that. Anyway, i saw him today. He smiled at me in class yesterday. He doesnt sit next to me anymore though. But this isnt the first time hes smiled at me before. Sometimes I think he likes me too. But I think theres another girl that likes him too. She's always all over him. Shes always finding excuses to touch him which makes it totally obvi that she likes him. I really dont see him paying much attention to her though,which doesnt worry me. Anyway, I always see him at lunch. Sometimes i feel him staring at me when Im there. You know that feeling you get when someone is looking at you. Thats exactly what I feel. I havent told anyone who he is though. I told my sister and my mom that I like him, but i havent told them his name or anything. I just want it to work out without any craziness and gossip going around.

ANyway thats all for today.


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