Everything is Fake

Samantha lives a happy life until that one day that changed her life. It was supposed to be harmless until Jordan and Alex suggested a game which was supposed to be fun. Now Samantha's life is upside down. But when she gives in on it will she realized what it really meant to her? Will she miss her old life that was a fake life? A romance that will get you laughing, crying, and wanting to read on until the end.


1. About Me

Samantha's P.O.V

I am 18 years old, I have blonde hair and green eyes and I am not the tallest person but not the shortest either. I was with my friends at alex's house and we were having a sleepover. " let's play truth or dare!" Jordan said. " Kay I will go first" Alex said "so Samantha truth or dare?" I thought for a second "uummmm.. Dare." I say excited for what the dare will be. " okay I dare you to pretend to go out with Troy for at least a year and you can not tell him it is a dare" wow I can not believe she just said that but I have to do it. "Okay I will ask him out tomorrow at school". What had I just gotten myself into?

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