You know you love me.

A bully who is harry styles likes a nerdy girl which is Mia and the only way he can express his feelings about her is by making fun of her.


1. You Know you love me

This Chapter or Imagine Goes out to Mia who requested it! Hope you like it Mia!


                It was the middle of the school year you have had just about everything bad happen to you. Your parents are divorced,You have big black nerdy glasses,and you have no friends. You get bullied by the school bully. His name Harry Style's you dont know that he has such a super huge crush on you! You have dark brown hair with blonde tips your wearing a pear of blue jeans and last summer's new top that your mom got on sale for you at Kohl's. You wish you were like well I don't know popular! Mia closes her diary and looks as if she may cry. She wrote,Dear Diary, Today Harry Styles looked at me! His deep dark blue eyes gazing at me! It was like a dream come true! That is it for now diary! Love, Mia    Next day at school you are soupposed to go to your dad's this weekend and your mom say's why don't you skip school and we can go shopping sound like a plan? and you nod and smile yes! You could not believe your mom just said that she could already see that it was going to be a good day today!    So you and your mom get back from shopping at the mall and you look in the back of your car to see all the bags! They were all full of designer clothes and you and your mom start grabbing bags. After you guys are done you take them upstairs to your room to put away. You could not wait to go to school on Monday and show off all your new clothes especially to Harry. You will get up early do your hair really pretty so that your blonde tips are curled perfectly and you are wearing your designer jeans a cute top and jimmy choos! You look amazing! You go to school and the first person who recognizes you is Harry! He walks up to you and asked what happened to you? You say I am a new person a changed person. He grabs your arm and pulls you in so you can feel each others heart beat. He looks you in the eyes and say Mia I have always always loved you for you I may not show it but I do and you get on your tippy toes and kiss him and you to go on for dating for 3 years and he asks you to marry you!  The End!  Hope you like it Mia      XOXO, Makayla

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