I'd kill for you

Lara is going on a summer holiday to Spain, where she is going to a One Direction-concert. When she goes to the concert she immediately falls in love with Harry Styles. So much, that she would kill for him.


1. Summer holiday

Lara's P.O.V.

I was going to Spain this summer! I'm so excited. My friend Melissa also bought tickets for a One Direction-concert. I don't even know what One Direction was. She's a big fan of them and she really wanted to go to their concert, so I thought I would just come with her. 


In the plane:

Ughh, Melissa was listening to One Direction again, I heard one of their songs on the radio just before I left to the airport, they're terrible. I hope they will look good, or I've just spend a lot of money on a concert of five wannabe Justin Bieber's.

Ohh, god, now she's singing this song "One Thing", that's like one of the worst ones. So I just grabbed my earplugs out of my bag and plugged them into my phone. The first song was from The Wanted, I love them, they're so good! Unlike One Direction.


Melissa's P.O.V.

"What are you listening to, Melissa?"

She showed me the screen of her iPod Touch. The Wanted, ugh, just a bunch of One Direction wannabe's. One Direction had a lot of Twitter-fight's with them. They totally lost.

I sighed; "Why are you listening to The Wanted?"

"Because they're awesome. And a lot better than One Direction."

I turned my head and started playing Angry Birds on my phone. 


Then we landed. I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful land. I was so excited to just go to the beach without rain and coldness. I punched Lara; "Lara, Lara! Look out of the window! Look at that, it's beautiful!


Lara's P.O.V.

I looked out of the window. Melissa was right, it was very beautiful indeed. I turned off my music and stood up to get my small backpack from the rack above me. The whole path was full of other English people, trying to get out of the plane as fast as possible. I tried to get between them, because it actually was getting very hot in the plane, but Melissa pulled me back; "We'd better wait 'till it's a little calmer. After ten minutes I could easily step out and I just walked right into a lot of hot air. This was a lot better than being in England with rain and cold. Here, I would party and just hang out and be on the beach and things alike. Then I thought of the fact that it would be very hot at the concert, just standing in a crowd (probably a lot of girls screaming and yelling: "OMG, I want your babies!" But first, we're gonna check out of the airport, get a taxi, go to our hotel and go to the beach!


The end of the first chapter.


Hi everyone, this is the first chapter of my first chapter. I hope you liked it and I will probably be making more fan fiction. Probably about One Direction, because I totally love them. They won't be like other ones, I want to make some fan fiction about something diffirent. Not about a girl being abused by her father and then one of the members of 1D saves her. I just want to stand out a little bit. Hope you enjoy it/them! 



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