Honors Class

As the year concludes, here's a little tribute to our class. (More might be added later!)


1. Honors Class

A/N: If you want a list of who's who in my poem, just comment and I'll post it in the next chapter!

A math-loving girl who loves to read and write

A guinea pig for her best friend, who has the oddest likes

An Abnegation girl; sneaky, but always helping out

A blonde volleyball player who is Dauntless, no doubt

An agile cat girl who loves Batman and Jack Frost

A girl who is practically her twin with a stamper that should be tossed

A Nico di Angelo-loving Greek, who is amazing at art

A fashion-savvy, romantic writer who will always contribute her part

A girl I don’t really know, but she seems very nice

An often-teased one I’ve known for long, who’s like a roll of dice

A girl who volunteers often; in math, she is wise

Now that I’ve gone through the girls, let’s move to the guys


A trouble-making, humorous boy is who is the “leader” of their “Klan”

Another bouncy friend of his will always make a stand

The bouncy boy’s somewhat-twin can be a pester at most moments

But then there’s the (usually) responsible worker who makes the annoyance less potent

Then there’s the math-skilled one of them who follows majority of the rules

And then there’s the chatterbox I really don’t know; despite being with him through most of school

Next, there’s the paper crafter, who seems normal, so that’s a plus

There’s also the Intelligent One, who’s probably the smartest of all of us

Then, there’s the Candor, who holds great debates until the end

And the techie Minecrafter who is a really great friend

Random facts come from Minecrafter’s best friend, even though he’s forgetful at times

Now, I have covered every Honors student in these rhymes


Moments we’ve shared are moments to never forget

Here are some of the most amusing ones yet:

The games of Sparkle when we all had fun

That day in the Science, the clay cars didn’t run

The teacher’s personal snowball war

That’s one of the things I’ve never seen before

Social Studies always brightened my day

We Honors kids found out how to be tape-challenged in new ways

Then there’s the Language game of “Silent” Ball

(Or as my friends and I call it, Dodgeball Free-For-All)

So many more memories, I know I haven’t mentioned every bit

Like, one of my now-favorite books, Life As We Knew It


A year has now gone by, a year to never forget

It was probably one of my most memorable yet

The ups, the downs, the “What is the world was that!?!”

Our interesting moments have never gone flat

One I know is certain to be true,

2012-2013 Marina Honors Class, I will never forget you!

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