Imagines For 1D!!!

If you want one I will do one need a volunteer to go first!

XOXO, Makayla


1. Finding him

 Imagine what the world would be like without him. What would you do? How would he know you truly love him? Is it that you love him or like him? All these questions will be answered............Will you stay to read?


Well it was a morning like every other. Get up Brush your teeth brush your hair get dressed put on make up eat breakfast put on shoes and go out the door. But you did it faster! You got up as quickly and early as possible. You got out of the house and ran to the library to see if you won the 1D tickets! You got on the computer and looked it said "YOU WON " and  then it said you won the tickets for one directions concert in California with back stage passes and you get to see one direction in person and have a meet and greet! You looked at the screen and could not believe your eyes! You did it you won! You got up from the computer and screamed "I WON I WON"!!!!!! The librarian Shushed you and you grabbed the stuff you printed out and ran home! You told your Mom and she was so excited for you because that she knows you are in love with one direction! You call the number on the paper and the guy talking say's " You are the winner of the 2 tickets and backstage passes and a meet and greet for one direction!   

                                                                              That was chapter one of my 1d book lets see what happen's next! If you like please leave comment and if you want an Imagine just ask and who you want it with I am only doing CLEAN one's thanks!

                                                                                       XOXO, Makayla

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