Opening Act

When Neala becomes One Direction's new Opening Act, will the most skeptical one fall for her?


1. Chapter 1

*Niall’s P.O.V*

    “What do you mean ‘a new opening act’?” I questioned Phillip. “What about 5SOS? They were doing amazing!” I argued. “They’re doing their own thing Niall.” He said. “But-” I began. “No buts she's already hired and will open tomorrow night’s show!” He said walking out of the room. I sighed, very frustrated. “What do you guys think of this?!” I asked angrily. “I think it’s good to get new things in the show.” Liam said. “Yeah, you haven’t even given her a chance yet Niall.” Zayn said. “For all we know she could be the next breakout artist!” Harry said. “What? Is this now ‘gang up on Niall day’?” I asked. “Stop that Niall, you’re being very immature about this.” Liam said. I mumbled an amount of curse words under my breath.

     “Does she write her own songs, does she even have any of her own songs?” I asked. “She’ll be singing covers of songs.” Louis said. “Wow.”  I scoffed. “Come on Niall, you’re being ridiculous about it!” Zayn said. “Am I the only one who’s skeptical about this?!” I asked. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you are! We all think she’ll be a great addition to our show!” Harry said. “If she heard you talking about her like this she’d be devastated!” Liam said. He was right; she would be really upset about it.

     I crossed my arms over my chest. “I still don’t like the idea of this.” I mumbled. “Well, get used to it mate cause there she is now!” I said pointing his finger. I turned my head to the door and saw a girl with dirty blond hair and stunning brown eyes, holding a guitar case. She looked over to us and gave a shy smile. She was gorgeous. “I think someone may have changed their mind about her!” Liam laughed patting my shoulder. “W- What’s her na- name?” I stuttered. “Neala, Neala Clarke.” Louis said.

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