The Hell Between Us

*Entered in the Historical Fiction Contest*
My name is Annabelle and I'm 22 just waiting/hoping for my husband to come back home in peace. We live in Germany and World War II is going on. It's like hell right now. I just had a baby named, Sarah and I sure hope the Nazi's don't take her. My husband ended being a Nazi. Even though he's a Nazi though. Doesn't mean our family is safe. His name Justin. And if he died, my world would end, literally. I hope everything turns out okay.


1. The Beginning

         Everything since June had happened so fast. We got a new ruler, and we thought he was the better choice. Little did we know that he was pretty much bury us alive. I havn't been out of the house in a while except to get groceries. I was too afraid of the Nazi's. Even though my husband, Justin was one, I was still afraid. They were all rude and acted like we didn't beling here. Ever since Justin became a Nazi, it changed him. He doesn't talk much anymore or play with Sarah, our daughter anymore. I know it's because he sees things other normal people don't have to see, but he scares me sometimes. Also, Sarah has been crying a lot more. And all we here is yelling or gunfire outside. and if we don't hear that then it's so quiet you can hear a pen drop even from inside our house. I miss the old days, where all I had to worry about was what I'm making for dinner and when I need to change Sarah's diaper. 


           "I'm home!" Justin says as he slams the door shut.  I walk toward him to give him a kiss and say, "Hi honey. How was everything today?" I lean in to give him a kiss but he moves. "Oh, you know. The same." he says with a bored expression. "Oh okay. Well I made soup. It's on the stove." "Okay thanks. I'll take it in my room." He says, before I even get to reply, he's gone. I play with Sarah for a little bit before I do the dishes, my nightly chores. After I'm done I decide to give Sarah a bath then put her to bed, then I go to bed. After I'm through I walk into my bedroom to find Justin knocked out cold. I think to myself,"He's had a hard day. Better let him sleep." I put my nightgown on and turn off the lights and find a spot next to Justin. But for some reason I couldn't go to sleep. My head was going through so many things. It couldn't stop thinking. For example: what if Justin dies during the war? How am I going to take care of Sarah? I'll be a mess. What if he's not the same after the war? What if he's always going to be so emtionless for the rest of his life? I tried to put those thoughts aside and quickly went to sleep.


        *next morning*


         I wake up to find an empty bed with only me in it, like usual. Justin gets up at 3 am everday and goes to Main street to watch the corners. I get up and go to the bathroom to wash my face. Then I hear Sarah crying so I run to her. I pick her up from her crib and rock her and also sing her a lullaby my mom used to sing to me. It goes like this:

"Good morning

Good night

Good afternoon

Baby don't cry

I'm here for you

There's nothing to worry about

Because Mommy is with you

So wipe those eyes

And baby dont cry"

Whenever my mom sang that I quickly stopped crying.

The same with Sarah. I loved hearing my mother's soothing voice. It would always calm me down. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my mother was still her...







Hey! I really hope you guys like it! If not sorry! I'm doing this for the historical fiction contest so yeah! Thank for reading it!


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