soul snatchers!

this is my story about... well lets say it isn't quite normal and it isn't really too believable either. But trust me, it all happened exactly how I tell it. To gain your trust let me say that tho whole incident began in school. The story doesn't but things start happening there... so yeah. If it was an actual fictional story then it would start somewhere creepy. But it isn't, so it doesn't!


1. here it is...

 Hi, my name is Raven. Raven Blackwood to be exact! I also go by Shadow! I'm 15 and I live in a small town called mythique! I'm sorry to have to start with the boring and simple stuff but I have to! I have to keep telling myself these facts. Reminding myself that I am still a human inside! I guess this all sounds a little bit strange to you right now but... it is what it is I guess and well... it IS all very strange.

So I guess I need to explain as much as I can right now. What I can say about this is that all names have been changed. town names are the same, my name is the same but all others have been changed. It's was my decision not theirs. If it was then their names would be as they truly are. My personal opinion is that it's all too risky. It's up to me as this is my story! Ok i'm babbling a bit now aren't I? I'll get on with it then... Ok i'm sooooo sorry but one last thing... This is all real ok? Don't sell me short but it's kinda stupid at some points. I guess thats life though isn't it? Now where was I...? Oh yes the real thing! Here goes.

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