the boys 1D

my name is leila my fanfiction will be about me meeting louis and we are going to be together for a while and he will be my summer love but then u will soon see why did our summer love broke and why i broke his heart and how we came back together


1. First meet

i was in my bed, but then i heard my phone ringing it was my friend liana i answered her: hello liana. hi leila would you come with me i am going to have breakfast in paul can you come. oh sure i can i will wear my clothes and will come. a few minutes later i was ready i heard my phone ringing i answered it was liana again: hi liana vas happenin? ooh i am so sorry leila but my mother is so sick i can"t leave her alone. ok its no problem i will go alone. then i went i entered Paul and when i was walking i looked behind me and when i looked back infront i accidentaly pushed some one and his coffee fell and splitted on me. who was it??

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