Never Say Never

A girl called Kristina. Who live a very hard life since she was just a little girl. She have to take care of the whole family by herself because her mother is sick in the hospital. Her dad left the family since she was young. One day, she bumped into a guy when she was in a hurry going home. What will happen next? Will she meet him again?


1. Introduction


My name is kristina. I'm 18 years old. I live in a small apartment with my mum and my younger brother (henry). My dad left us when I was 10 and he never came back. Life was hard without him but we manage it. When I turn 16 my mum was sick and we found out she has cancer and she had been fighting it till now. How I just hope cancer never  existed. Since then I been working  to help the family. Henry also got a job to help the family. My study is really good but I can't carry on with only a little amount of money so I drop out of school in grade 8 but Henry still is studying in school. I just hope we have enough money for him to carry on learning. He is really smart. I'm so proud of him as my brother. One day, when I was at work I got a phone call from the hospital that my mum didn't make it. I rush out of the place I work and ran home to get my purse. Suddenly I bumped into a guy.

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