Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


1. Prologue

The year is 2577 and everything that used to be is gone. Society does not exist the way it once did. Everything changed when the humans found out about the demons better known as vampires.

Stories had filled the minds of every human child for centuries but they always believed them to be fiction. Not a single human was ready for the rampage that was soon to take over the world.

The vampires had always lived by a strict law that allowed the humans to live in peace among them. Then the powers changed and everything flew straight to hell.

2500 was the year the vampires ignited a war against the human race. Their leader planned to destroy all but one percent of the population. The one percent that would be spared of this massacre would continue to fuel the vampire population and allow them to always be the number one species.

The vampire leader, like the president, called all the shots, made all the rough decisions, and put everything into motion. Hardly anyone ever said his name aloud because they feared his presence. After all, to become the vampire leader you had to be the most powerful vampire out there. Every vampire was afraid of him. They cowered just from the mention of him. Lord Hadrian.

Lord Hadrian was a dark-skinned buff vampire. His hair was black as coal and his eyes were a deep blue. Many people questioned the meaning of his eye color, but never to him. Hadrian had a bright smile, but ever since becoming Lord he rarely used it except after a meal that was filling.

Ten billion humans roamed the Earth thinking they had nothing to fear except each other, but their own kind was not as vicious as the attack that was occurring among them. More than two billion vampires roamed the Earth waiting for a command from their Lord Hadrian. He called all the shots and the first attack took place over Europe.

You may be wondering if all the vampires out there planned to help destroy the world. Well, not all of them were ready to give up normal lives with the humans. Many of the vampires were pretending to be on Lord Hadrian's side but secretly trying to help many of the humans escape into a safe zone.

By the end of 2500 there was hardly any humans left- just as the Lord Hadrian had wanted. Hardly a million left on planet Earth, but with a billion hungry vampires who could not control their thirst soon everything would be gone. Lord Hadrian tried to train the population of vampires to control their thirst. He spent years trying to teach them control. By his side stood his brother, Ace, also trying to teach the crazed vampires to control the thirst.

Ace looked so similar to his younger brother in looks, except Ace did not have the blue eyes that Hadrian had. His eyes were green and many thought that Ace's eyes were only green because he was raged with jealousy because his brother was Lord. But, Ace was not one bit jealous of his brother. He was proud of the younger version of himself.

Ace tried to tell his brother this was never going to work. Ace warned Lord Hadrian that if they didn't soon destroy some of their own kind then the entire human population would be extinct and soon the vampire population would follow.

Lord Hadrian refused to listen to his brother thinking only that his brother was out to destroy him. With the human population winding down to less than half a million he knew he had to contact the Goddess of Vampires that oversaw the entire population. Hadrian had to ask for help.

The Goddess of Vampires, Maia, was the only one who could save the human population. Technically Maia was a dead vampire; many humans would consider her an angel. Many doubted her abilities, not only because she was a woman, but because of her size, being barely five foot tall and scrawny looking. Her blonde hair fell almost to the floor and her purple eyes were almost clear. She oversaw all of the vampire world. She had the ability to grant vampire couples with fertility, she could heal vampire or human, and was in fact the only thing that could defeat Hadrian. Yet, Maia refused to get involved with this matter knowing that the vampires were sentencing themselves to a painful death of starvation.

2503 arrived and Hadrian knew he had little time to go to Maia for help. The human population was down to 300,000 and still dropping fast. Many humans were still in hiding thanks to some very brave vampires who were eventually killed due to their betrayal of Hadrian.

Maia refused to help Hadrian until he agreed to live in peace with the humans again. Hadrian was furious that she would not help him save the humans. Maia knew that if the human population ran out then the vampire population would too, so Hadrian had no choice. Hadrian refused to acknowledge this until 2506 when the human population was barely at 100,000 and the few refugee camps of humans were still undiscovered. Hadrian went back pleading with Maia to present him the same offer.

Maia gave a long speech to Hadrian. It went a little something like, "Lord Hadrian you have broken many of life's vital rules of survival. Why in the world should I help you now? Three years have passed and you've almost completely wiped out the human population. It will be less than a year until they are all gone. I should let you suffer, but I know you ultimately starving to death is not a big deal to you. Oh, you would love to die like that. So, here is my offer to you Lord Hadrian. I will help you control your vampires' thirst as long as you live in peace with the humans. We shall arrange for them to donate blood to your petty existence. No vampire shall be allowed to drink from the vein and if the current Lord so allows this to happen they, being the Lord, shall die. It is the Lord's job to control his demons. You, Lord Hadrian, have done no such thing. If you wish to continue to see the world with humans and vampires bring me your brother, Ace, and submit to him. Submit your rights to be a Lord over to him."

Lord Hadrian stood there in disbelief and knew this is the only way the world would survive. As evil and cruel as he was he did not want to be the reason for the ending of the world.

Ace, of course, did not want the responsibility of being Lord. Hadrian begged him as the human population sank. In the summer 2507, Ace finally agreed to Hadrian. 60,000 humans remained with half a billion vampires still left in the world.

Everything was about to change and Hadrian thought only good could come from Maia. The Goddess was supposed to protect them, wasn't she?

Hadrian submitted to Ace. Lord Ace agreed to all the terms laid out by Maia and thanked her for giving them a second chance.

Maia then announced to the brothers to take a break from human blood until the end of the year. She ordered them to come back in December to discuss the rest of the terms and to bring three humans with them.

Maia had already made up her mind to destroy most of the vampire population, but the brothers did not know this part of the plan. With all her power Maia sent a poison strong enough to kill a vampire by a single drop running through every surviving human's veins.

Lord Ace and Hadrian returned home to find only thousands of dead vampires. The brothers had no idea why all the vampires were dying, and soon many vampires stopped drinking from the humans.

By December, the brothers returned to Maia with the three humans as instructed. The three humans thought they were going to be sacrificed and just clung to a simple hope of being saved by someone or possibly spared.

"How many vampires are alive?" Maia asked as they entered her kingdom.

"200,000 Goddess Maia," Hadrian announced.

Maia turned around and flashed the brothers a smile that made the humans weak in the knees. "Let's begin the start of the New World."

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