Otto Alone

Not a muscle was moving in her body. The only sounds that could be heard was her heart thumping in fast beats, and the wolves low, heavy breathing. She Screamed.


1. one

               Darkness took control of the silent forest. Fragil flakes of white condescended from the motioless heaven, drifting cautiously down to the pale blanketed floor. Nothing was out on this blackening night, except maybe a deer or snow hare blinded by its coming fate.

            Hidden among some thick, frosted ferns lay a watchful pack of grey-furred wolves, eyeing the snowy forest. Some would whimper for food, others bare their teeth, or just stare out into the wide open. Two watchful wolves, the alpha mates of this pack, and a few other hunters appeared out of covert to search for the first kill.

           Not far from the wolf pack, a girl, petite with chocolate brown hair and pale blue eyes wandered in the white wilderness with a dim, fading lanturn hoping to come across a wisp of smoke or a flaming light to signal her she was almost home. Tears froze on her trembling visage and her plum colored numb hands were shaking with fear. The girl had been out in the desolate forest since early morning sunrise, when the sky was golden with pastel shadows dancing across it, intermixing with the glowing light. She had only brought with her a canteen of water, an orange, and a sliver of bread, but they had been consumed earlier before. Her water had only but a swallow left.

            What this innocent lost girl came across now while she continued in the snow falling forest was not a wisp of smoke from a wood burning hearth, nor a flaming fire from a  warm, snug house. No. It was that famished grey-furred wolf pack out on the hunt. She froze into a block of ice. Not a muscle was moving in her body. The only sounds that could be heared were her heart thumping in fast beats, and the wolves low, heavy breathing. She screamed. 


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