Imagines for anyone if you want one just request it in the comment section!!!!


1. Imagine 1: Zayn & Emily

Imagine for Emily with Zayn

It was a nice fall day and it was chilly. You were walking with your best friend Zayn and he tried to give you his jacket. You said no thanks, but you know you like him and you are just waiting for him to tell you. You were tired of the friendzone with him and you wanted to be more than friends. You looked at him and sighed and took a seat on the park bench. Zayn set beside of you and said "What's wrong Em?" His deep brown eyes looking deep into yours "You know I'm your best friend you can tell me anything."  "I know." you repy "It's just... just... nothing." you fail to say. "You know I love you." He says "You do." Your eyes staring back into his. You guys slowly move in you guys were unsure if you were going to kiss or not, then his soft lips were gently brushing against yours. Then you guys passionately kiss for 1 minute. When you pull apart, you smile at each other. "You know I've been waiting all my life for you to do that Malik." You tease. He smiles at you and says before kissing you again "I know."


The End. :)

Authors note: Sorry it was short ill make longer one later :) Plus pictures will be added later :)


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