Nathaniel Carter is a superstar. He is in a so called boyband, that has fans all over the world. This band, is called BroCode. The brocode (Yes, they got the name from Barney Stinson) is important to these four boys. They mean everything to each other, and are more like brothers than friends.
Their manager, Joseph Smith, or as the boys call him, Papa Joe, is the father figure of these four boys. He does everything for them, and loves them all deeply.
They time has come for the boys to go on a tour around the US, but, one problem accurs. Out of no where, Joe brings his 16 year old daughter Melanie, and when Nathaniel, the typical bad boy and player falls for the three years younger girl - Nobody can stop it all from going terribly wrong. If Nathaniel hurts Melanie, he risks to lose not only Joe, but also the band. Is it worth it?


1. Warming up

Nate looked at Ellie while putting his shirt back on. She was sitting naked on the floor, only covering herself with Nates pants, who would soon be taken from her. They did this, a lot. Thinking that nobody knew about their little fling, the always did it in the most weird places. This time, a toilet at madison square garden. 

"When does the show start?" Ellie asked with her knees drawn up against her body to cover a bit more. Nate looked at her, his smile was crooked and his head resting on his left side. He watched her with those eyes. They had pain in them, pain that he desperately wanted to go away. They also had fire in them, fire that would not let anyone defeat him. There was that little spark, that made Ellie think that Nate was the one for her. That they needed each other. Nate didn't see it that way though, but he never said so, afraid of hurting her. 

"In fifteen minutes" Nate said, pulling away his pants that was covering Ellies private parts. He pulled them on, he didn't care where they had been, he had been there himself not long ago anyway. Ellie kept watching him. She did not move, not even a finger. Instead her eyes followed every step Nate took, and as he walked towards the door her eyes got wider.

"Are you just gonna leave me here? Naked? Without even saying anything?" Her voice was judging, but Nate did not care. He turned towards her, and pulled his hand through his sand blonde hair. It looked like a mess, but he didn't care about that either.

"Yes" He said, still looking at her with a crooked smile. "Problem with that?" 

Ellies eyes turned to the floor. She did have a problem with that. She wanted her to kiss her, to hold her, to love her. But he didn't. Nathaniel Carter only wanted one thing, and she had already  given him that. Now she just had to wait until he came for more. She looked at him again, without showing any feelings. "No" She said with a calm voice. "See you on the stage"

Nate nodded. He looked at her naked body one more time, trying to take a mental picture of it, before he walked out. He closed the door carefully behind him, and could hear Ellie lock it from the other side before he walked away, to his loge. 

Jay looked up when Nate walked in, and a smile slowly appeared on his lips, making his entire face brighter and full of life. "How was she?" He asked, his eyes following Nate when he walked across the room to the gigantic mirror on one of the walls.

"I don't know what you mean" Nate said with a smile that gave away the real answer, that she was good. Very good. Excellent.

Jay smiled and put his hat on his head. He walked over and stood besides Nate, looking at the reflection in the mirror. "Joe should be here any minute" He said. "Apparently, he brought a surprise!"

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