Tips on how to write a great One Direction fanfic!


1. Louis William Tomlinson



One Direction: Louis William Tomlinson;


Name: Louis William Tomlinson 

Born:  24 December 1991 and now he is 21 years old


From: DoncasterSouth Yorkshire, England. 


Parents: Born to mother Johannah Poulston and father Troy Austin, his parents split when he was young and he took on his stepfather Mark Tomlinson's name.


Siblings: five younger half-sisters; Charlotte (Lottie) Tomlinson, Georgia Austin, Felicite (Fizzy) Tomlinson, and the twins: Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson. *Georgia is Louis's sister from his biological dad's side. 


Education: He revealed that he failed his first year of A levels at the Hayfield School and ended up going back to Hall Cross and starting A levels over again. 



Character: Louis is the most childish one of all!


Relasionship: girlfriend; Eleanor Calder (model) 




* * * 

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