My Omegle Soulmate


1. Stranger


I fell back onto my bed,i had just finished doing my massive pile of homework and I am so bored.

What should I do?,then I remembered a website that my friends had told me about recently, so I got up, opened my laptop and went straight to Google. I tried to remember what the website was called its some thing weird like eagle,megle...

What was it? I asked myself. 

Oh yeah it's called Omegle,I typed in the website on Google and while it was loading I decided to put away all my textbooks and papers that were cluttered all over my bed. By the time I had finished putting everything away the page had loaded. 

I sat back onto my bed crossing my legs and clicked on the first result that was at the top.

I immediately was met by a simple page that said: Omegle. Talk to strangers!  

And in the middle of the page it had a button that said 'start chat now!' I'm guessing its one of those online chat websites. I thought about the long lecture my mum and dad gave me about not to talk to strangers online or anywhere but anyway if anything went wrong I could just disconnect from the person. 

So I clicked on the button that said start chat...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hey

You: hi

Stranger: asl

You: sorry wat?

Your conversational partner has disconnected

What was up with him I only asked what asl meant. I decided to try again so I pressed the button:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi excuse me but what does asl mean? I'm new on here

Stranger: it means age,sex,location

You: thanks :)

Stranger: asl

You: 18 F UK, u?

Stranger: bye.

Your conversational partner has disconnected

Well I'm guessing she was a girl too. I started talking to a few more people after a while all the people I talked to they where all becoming sexual, and asking wierd questions. I decided i was going to talk to one more person then i would leave it for the night.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hey :)

You: hii :)

Stranger: how are you? :)

You: Im okay a bit bored, you? :)

Stranger: Im bored too stuck in a hotel room :/ if you dont mind me asking whats your name? ;)

You: I'm Allison :) what's your name?

Stranger: Hi Allison, I like your name.I'm Harry :)

You: Thanks and nice to meet you Harry

You: i meant nice to talk to you :) we haven't met u know. sorry,blabing on now *embarrassed* 


Stranger: Haha its ok love. i thought it was cute ;)

You: haha thanx ;)

Stranger: How old are u Allison

You: I'm 18, how old are you Harry?

Stranger: Cool I'm 18 too,so Allison where abouts are you from? ;)

You: I live in the UK. What about u? :)

Stranger: Me too! :) but im in America now just for a while with my friends :)

You: thats cool wish i was there its freezing over here in the uk :(

Stranger: haha its pretty hot here in Texas babe... if i was there i would snuggle with you to keep you warm ;)

AW-K-W-ARD. Did he just say he would love to snuggle with me and keep me warm. I just met him, what should i reply back, what if he didnt mean it like that. Before i could think of anything else he sent another message.

Stranger: Oh sorry babe I have to go back to work now my friends are waiting for me. Do you have a kik or twitter? you know so I can talk to you again... ;)

You: Its ok yeah I have kik my name is Ally<3skats1 and my twitter is @Allisonkat12. I hope you have a good time at work with your friends  


Stranger: ok I will send you a message and DM when I have time probably tonight after work :)  

bye babe talk to u later :) x

Your convesational partner has disconected  

And there it was he was gone, I had just met him but yet I feel like a connection is that crazy?  

I checked the time and I was suprised that I have been on omegle for 4 hours straight. I'm glad I went on cause I met Harry in the end.

It was late anyway and its a school night so I stood up from my bed trying my best to walk to my bathroom, cause my foot was numb. When I got to my bathroom I done my nightly routine that I did every night which consist's of brushing my teeth first, washing my face and then moisturing it.

After I finished I everything I had to do I got into my bed surrounding myself in my warm blankets. I got my phone and logged onto kik see if Harry had sent me a message yet but he hadn't he's probably still working now its only afternoon in America right now.

With that I closed my eyes thinking about what he's doing right now and how I was on the right website at the right time.  

I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about when he would message me.

(A/N sorry if thats anyones actual kik or twitter name, if it is its merely a coincidence and thanks to everyone reading this, its my first story : ].o 

please please please comment tell me what you like or don't like and vote if you want me to continue...

love you all Niallerswife1D x :-)

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