My everything

One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them.


1. Is it really worth it?

I could hear them laugh. I knew it was me they were laughing at. "Oh Zooey? When is Neil's birthday?". They pronounced it wrong. "It's Niall." I said. They laughed again. I looked down. I didn't know if I wanted to pretend not to be a fan, or just survive the last 3 years in school as the fangirl. I walked away. I just wanted to go home and talk to my only friend. I didn't know her in real life, but she was the only one who understood me. I met her on Twitter and we skyped almost every day. Even though she lived in Ireland and I lived in England I thought of her as my best friend. I walked down to the library, but unfortunately there was people from my class down there. When I turned around I could hear them whisper about me. There was only 4 hours left of the school day.

I sat down in a bench and took my iPhone from my pocket. "Omg is One Direction on the back of your iPhone too? Freak". I turned around, and it was my old friend Gianne who had just said that to me. I never thought that being a Directioner would ruin my friendship with her and my other friend Allison. Allison just stood next to her. I was best friends with Allison and Gianne before I started to get bullied, and now they we're ignoring me. I have no idea why. I thought that our friendship was more important than being cool in school. But apparently I wasn't that important to them. The first time I showed One Direction to them Allison said she liked them, and Gianne said they looked cute. Now they hated One Direction just as much as they hated me. I could feel the tears in the corner of my eye. I wanted to change schools, but I just loved my History teacher. She was the most amazing teacher ever, and I really wanted to be friends with her. 

History was my next subject, so I walked down to the History room before everyone else, so I didn't had to walk next to anyone. So I just sat there waiting. I knew that no one would go down here because there was still 30 minutes left of the break. So I found a chair and sat down. All of a sudden all of my feelings came back up, and I started crying. I just couldn't hold it back. So I just sat there crying. "Zooey are you okay?". I looked up and it was my History teacher. I dried my eyes with my shirt. "No, I'm not". I couldn't see any reasons to lie. "What's wrong Zooey? Why are you sitting here alone and why are you crying? Where is Gianne and Allison?" she asked. "We're not friends anymore. People don't like me because I am a fan of One Direction" I said. "Is it really worth it?".

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