Tears in the rain

Just a little poem book i created! Its going to have different poems in it when its finished. Happy, Sad, y'know


1. Tears in the Rain

Pain and sorrow leaks through her eyes
Straining her cheeks in silent cries
She walks down the street ran drops falling from the sky
What had gone wrong? why had he said goodbye?

With every heartbeat sent pain through her chest
Running through her veins and screaming in protest
She liked walking in the rain, letting their love die
That way if someone walked past, no one could see her cry

The rain is drying up and they're just puddles on the ground
But she's still crying making no sound
Someone will come and heal her broken heart
He'll heal it with love and they'll never be apart

Always remember after ever storm
The sun will come at the break of dawn
Creating a rainbow, forgetting the pain
And all hurt will be gone like

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