Snow White

Ivory was only seven when her father remarried to the beautiful queen of Entany, Alice, but as soon as the queen laid eyes on her stepdaughter, she knew she must destroyed. Her beauty over powered hers.
But ten years later, when a mysterious yet powerful event occurs, Alice knows its the time for Ivory to disappear. Sending her most trusted huntsman to get her once she runs away, she is determined for her to die. Determined to be the most beautiful person in Entany.
But what would happen if something went wrong?
What would happen if maybe, just maybe, the huntsmen fell in love with Ivory...

I've decided to re-write the classic tale of snow white. I have changed some it, making the story line different and more appealing to older people. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


1. Preface

Her skin was ashen; all signs of rosiness had disappeared.  Dark, ebony hair drifted down to her ribs in soft combers and her thick, silky lashes kissed her frozen cheekbones. Encased in ice, she lay with her fair hands rested on her stomach.

Her heart, concealed behind the fragile walls of her chest, was unbeating.

Her eyes, softly closed on her pretty face, were unseeing.

And her skin, cold and innocent as it was trapped inside the coffin made of ice, was unfeeling.

But she was not dead.

Her lips that should have been pale and unspeaking, were soaked a brilliant crimson from where the apple had touched...


A/N Okay, so I decided to re-write the classic tale of Snow White but this one has a few twists ;) Comment and read please!!!!! Let me know what you think!!

P.S I know its short but I will upload if people like :)

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