Take My Hand

“You asked me how long I’d stay by your side, so I answered with only just one reply: till the casket drops, till my dying day, till my heartbeat stops, till my legs just break..”


1. Chapter 1

I was wondering what the hell I was doing in the park at night.
Everything was dark, there was only one light pole next to me and the others were deleted, the temperature was dropping and was colder every passing minute.
Well, being alone in a park is not as safe but is at least comforting. Being alone has always been one of the things that made me feel comfortable, in a certain way. So I can do what I want without others judge me or find me, let's say, strange. People usually think I'm weird because I always wear dark clothes and never talking to anyone. Do not talk to people simply because they do not please me, I'm not saying that none of them is worth it, but never found someone who truly worth.
I sat in one of the many park benches, near a light pole so I could read another one of my books. Ta there is one more thing I like to do, be alone and read books. Read just takes you to another world and makes you forget absolutely everything, something I've been wanting for some time now.
Today was a beautiful day, I can tell. Cloudy and drizzling, typical of London and just the way I like. You could say that I like this place because of the climate and its buildings. Taking into account that the people here are not as communicative, we can say that is a nice place to live.
After some time reading and sitting lost in my thoughts, I heard footsteps, surely someone approaching and being who he was, sat next to me. I could not resist and I turned to see who it was.
A boy, apparently my age, dark hair .. a cute kid, the kind that girls run back and think that just because it's a bit rich because it has girls at his feet.
-Hello - he said, his voice a little hoarse when he realized I was watching - Mind if I sit here? If I do not ...
-No, you can stay, I was even going and ...
-Hey, I know you were not going! - He said giving a smirk Do not worry, I am not a kidnapper or anything, you can rest easy!
-Ok then. - Told me sitting again. Usually I would find it quite strange to find someone in a park at night, Christmas and even talk with that person, but he did not seem to be dangerous or something, and even if it were, who care if I just disappear?
-Sorry to ask, but could know what a girl would be doing in the park at night on Christmas Eve?
-Fleeing from the family - I answered - And you?
-Problems! -He said simply
-You'd like to talk about them?-Asked without contain my curiosity
-Maybe, but only if you also tell me why you're running away from his family.
-It's a long story, and I do not wanna talk about it ...

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