First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


1. Just friends?

This story is not written by me!! 

I found the story on Instagram, if someone want´s to know the writer

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I love this Justin Bieber Fan Fiction 

I litterly can´t stop reading it, so i thought i should share it with you guys.



"If I ever did that, I think I´d have a Heart Attack" Your alarm on you phone goes off and wakes you up. You look at your phone and it´s 11am. You shut it off, and get up out of bed. You hop into the shower and get dressed in a comfy pair of sweat pants, and a sweater. You throw your hair up into a high messy bun. You walk downstairs and say bye to your mom. You get your jacket out of the closet and puts it on. Your mom knew what day it was, and she didn´t even question your craziness. You grab the keys to your car and head out the door. You start the car and head down the street. You reach Justin´s house in less that 2 minutes, because you only lived a few streets away from each other. You pull into the driveway of his house, you see Ryan´s and Chaz´s car.


You mini scream because your so excited. you walk through the front door and immediately Justin comes running toward you.You scream and give him a huge hug. Justin was your best friend, but ever since he moved away to be a singer, you've missed him terribly. He makes sure to visit a few times each year, but it´s hard. He kisses you on the cheek and carries you into the room with everyone. All his family and some of your friends. Justin was here on a break and you were  so happy he was here. "I missed you so much" he said. "Same, it´s not the same without you." You give a sad smile. He hugs you again. You walk over and give some of your friends hugs, including Ryan and Chaz.


Ryan whispers something that captures your attention, " I can't believe you guys aren´t dating yet, your like perfect for each other." You blush and quickly walk back to Justin and he look at you then says, "Everyone, we´ll be right back." Justin says to everyone in the living room. You follow Justin to his small room and laugh about how cute it is. You came over there a lot because your mom is a good friend with Pattie, but it was amazing to see Justin in his room again. "So what´s new, we have some catching up to to." Justin says with a huge smile.


"Honestly, not much. Life´s kinda depressing around here." Justin has a little frown and he pulls you close. "Don´t say that, life is amazing." You smile, "I know." An awkward silence overcomes you two. You hesitate for a minute but then softly ask "Are you okay?" Justin starts to say, "What do yo-" he stops, and looked to the ground. "Yeah, I´m doing great, life´s good right now." Neither of you said her name, but you both knew you were talking about Selena. She had dumped Justin a few months back. Justin looked around for a second then says, "*Yn* your my best friend, I don´t wanna hide things from you. Selena was a bitch. She was rude a lot and didn´t really understand me, so I´m happy she´s gone, because I can put my love to greater things." You were confused, but also felt bad for him " What do you mean?" you were screaming inside but kept a serious face on the outside.


He grabs your hand, "*Yn* I´ve liked you since 7th grade and I guess I couldn´t admit it to myself, but I really do, when I´m around you, I just feel happier." You felt like you wanted to cry. "I´ve always liked you too" the words struggle to escape from your mouth. Justin notices your struggle and tries to help you. "It´s okay, i know. I´ve alway knew." That thought was scary. All the times you hung out as friends, he knew that you liked him and he didn´t say anything? You smile and nod. "*Yn* I love you so much, and I always have. I just tried to distract myself from it." You can´t believe the words you´re hearing. Justin. Bieber. Loves. Me. What the hell? How did I get so lucky? You can´t help but attack him with a hug. He holds you, but this time it was different, it wasn´t a friend hug, it felt real, your relationship. It was one of those true, real relationships. You knew you weren´t rushing into anything too fast because you both knew it, ever since you were 12, even your mom knew it. She would constantly ask when you were going to ask him out. You have known each other since  grade school, always being there for each other. "So, will you go out with me?" A tear slips down your face, and you nod slowly. He smiles at you real genuinely.


"So are we just gonna walk down there and say we´re Dating now?" Justin pauses and stares at the floor for a second. "No...let´s tell them in a little bit, so it´s not as sudden." you laugh. "Haha okay" you smile and both walk back into the living room. "So what happened?" Chaz asked in the same tone he´d ask about the weather. You got a funny feeling everybody had been talking about you while you were gone. "Nothing, just catching up." Justin replies while smiling at you. you smile and blush. You have a feeling that everyone in the room already knows your together. Ryan quickly changes the subject by asking Justin how recording his acoustic album was. Justin really loves talking about his life and he tells all kinds of fun stories for the next hour or so.


´Ding Dong` the doorbell rings. Jeremy gets up to get it and comes in with 2 sheet pizza´s. It was like a big family reunion. You all have pizza, chips and ice cream sundaes. You have a really nice time. Justin´s family is the best. You spent lots of time with Jazzy and Jaxon while Justin caught up with family members. You loved them so much, they were so cute. You babysat them a lot and they adored you too. You always have fun with them. Not that your family was bad, but it wasn´t amazing. Your mom had similar struggles with Pattie, thats how they became friends. Your mom was a teenage mom too, but you didn´t have a dad, he took off before I even was born. You catch yourself of your dream when your pone vibrates, it was just one text from one of you friends. "Heard Justin´s back in town, I hope you 2 hit it off ;) " you smile and reply " Maybe". It´s now 2 pm. Justin has fought up with everyone and they´re starting to leave. Justin walks over to you and asks "Hey, do you wanna go somewhere?" You think for a sec. "Where?" He smiles, "It´s a surprise." You roll your eyes but follow him out the door. He says to Pattie we´ll be back later. You get in Pattie´s car and head down the street.


You wonder where you´re going. You´re in the car for 10 minutes and realize your kind of going away from town. "Justin?" you ask. "Calm down, were almost there." He says calmly. 2 minutes later you find yourself in a forest. He parks the car and opens your door. He walks you over and you spot a lake. The lake you always used to go to as kids. " This is amazing" you say quietly. Justin walks over to a bench near the water. You sit down next to each other and you curl you legs up into your chest. " So can I ask you a question?" you ask. "When did you know that you liked me?" "Well, remember at my 12th birthday party, when you smashed cake into my face and I picked you up and carried you up the stairs?" You nodded " It was then that i realizes how mush fun I had with you, and how amazing you were "Which you are, an amazing person. My mom tells me you work with the food shelter now to try and get people to donate food?" You nodded again."That's amazing!" He says excitedly. You were happy you didn't have to be awkward with him, he could be his true self with you, and you can do the same with him. You sit there for at least 2 hours, just talking and hanging out. You realize it's really cold and start to shiver. "We should probably go back now, here" Justin took off his jacket and put it over you. "Thanks" you say quietly. You were really tired from all the laughing and talking but manager to walk back to the car. Before you got in the car Justin came close to you. "I love you, *yn*" he said before he planted an amazing kiss to your lips and pulled away. It felt perfect. He was an amazing kisser too. "I love you too" He opens your door and you get inside the car and drive off.




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