Letters To Tell You How I Feel

People find ways to voice out what they feel for a certain person, especially when that someone is close to you and you don't want to break anything special you have, and since i am one of those few people who are thinking about ways to voice out how they feel, i decided to write letters to the person i love

because that is the only way i know how :(

to the person behind these "LETTERS" i know you'll never love me and i accept that, it's hard to move on, i know but i'll try


1. Letters to Tell You How I Feel ~ Prologue

this is not in a story form but it tells one

it tells the story of HOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU.

yes, you my dear, but i am such a fool for believing that you also love me back, much more than you love me now, because for you, we will always be best friends, i am here for you if you need me and you are here for me if i need you, we have gone through so much and we are still together, our friendship remains the same.

you may have noticed me develop feelings for you but you never did the same for me. but it was okay, i accepted the fact that you only see me as your "BEST FRIEND" and not the "SOMEONE YOU COULD SPEND YOUR LIFE WITH" 

but one thing will never change


and since i know we can never be together, i'll still keep on loving you, even if it hurts to not tell you how much i do, even if you just think of me as your plain old best friend for 10 years,

so to my best friend, this letters are for you.

Promise me you’ll never forget all the time we spent together and promise me no one will take my place. So many memories to remember. Loving you unconditionally is my important job. Thank you

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