Lexis's Poetry Book

Erm, this is my Poetry book. Where I write and post all my poems! Kay, hope you like it!


1. It's war

Dark clouds swarm and take over the sky.

Doom and destruction is near.

There is no escaping it, nor stopping it.

Once it starts it goes on and on.

You must face that it's the end for everyone.

Don't struggle or fight back,

Welcome it like it's an old friend.

Ask yourself all the pointless questions you wish,

Try to save and help all the people you love,

But in the end it won't matter.

Because you can't run from the inevitable,

Nor can you hide from this evil man-made sin.


A/N: Heyy! It's Lexis! (again. Obviously.) This is my first poem! I will be writing more when I get the inspiration. Hope you liked it!

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