The elements have gone into a state of near extinction due to the Nuclear Waves brought on by World War XV, the world as we know it, is facing imminent destruction.
But that is, until Science broke through the walls and found a solution to the depletion.
Directly funded by the United Nations Embassy, directly supported by the Holy French Empire that ruled over half of the globe, manned by Acacia Corporation, the leading scientific research institution in the world, and directly occurring in Japan- the United States of Nippon- Human Mining is nothing but a natural occurrence to the human race.
But then it came…. The Future
The future I will create with my own hands, for her sake, for the sake of that gentle world she wishes for. No matter what, even though lives will be sacrificed, this will be my fight.
My name is Lore…

And I will give birth to the new world







Running, that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been running away, away from “them” and desperately trying to live in peace.

But the world is in turmoil, it’s been in this bleak position ever since the war ended; ever since everything lay waste to pretty much everything. Almost nothing was left for the human civilization to thrive.

So we run. We run and run and fend for ourselves, we run from U.N soldiers who pick people at random ever since Criminals ran out, we run from the terrible fate of being the Supplier who’d crumble into dust and bones. We run from everything.

We’ve been running away from almost our whole lives. My sister and I being citizens of Tokyo, which was deemed as traitor territory when the old Japan fell, was more acceptable targets for Human Mining because we were born and raised in enemy land. Nothing remains of Tokyo today but ruins.

But my sister-Kaoru- still believes that we have a home to return to, someday.

I think otherwise.

We aren’t only the ones who are running away from “them”. There are hundreds of us, hiding, lurking in the shadows, living over nothing, surviving for everything we hold dear. In this era now, it’s truly live or you die.

And I promised, I promised Kaoru the future I know she deserves.

It’s been almost fifteen years since the United Nations Embassy gave way to Acacia Corporation’s Human Mining project; it’s been six years since every cell in “New” Japan got emptied, it’s been eight years since we’ve been running.

The Future: that was the only thing that kept us drilling to live.

Hope: that was the only string tying our sanity together, and it is very, very fragile.


It’s darker tonight.

Kaoru looks at me with fear in her eyes as she stares out the broken window, she moves closer towards me and holds onto the sleeve of my torn jacket.

“Nii-Chan, did it get darker than usual?” she whispered in a low voice, I pat her head gently and wrap an arm around her, Kaoru has always been afraid of the dark.

“It’s alright Kaoru, I’m here.”

She hiccupped slightly then snuggled back in the torn covers; I regard the world outside with fierce determination, balancing the heavy metal gun at the palm of my hand.

The gun is old, very old; Kaoru picked it up in an abandoned house in a box full of ammo. But at least its working and I marvel at the fact that I haven’t used this to shoot any human being-yet, I hope it stays that way.

But in this earth now, hope always gets crushed.

I watch the darkened world with wary eyes as Kaoru drifts on to sleep. My stomach grumbles in hunger and my mind wanders to the apples in my pack. Fresh, spared apples that were much appreciated treats for runaways like us. I decide against taking one and opt to wait for Kaoru to wake up.

A loud bang echoes in the distance and Kaoru lets out a muffled scream, shouts and orders start to travel to my ears as I realize that they’ve heard her. Faster than usual, I stuff everything I can hold in my backpack and pull her up. I load the gun and navigate towards the ruined kitchen, where there might be a possible exit.

“Keep quiet Kaoru.” I whisper to her and hold the gun tightly in my hands.

Kaoru clamps her hand over her mouth tightly and nods slightly, she moves in a little closer to me and I could feel that she’s shaking. I take an inaudible deep breath and stare at the shadow looming on the wall a few feet from us. I hold Kaoru closer and forced myself not to breathe.

Footsteps, a heeled boot kicking down the rotten wood, a hoarse voice shouting out orders, and the gun falling to the broken wood, things happen too fast, and I am subjugated within seconds.




When I came to, I was in a black room.

There was nothing, pitch black, I couldn’t even see myself.

Sounds, nothing, not one sound can be heard.

I can’t even hear myself.

Kaoru, where’s Kaoru? Where are we? What happened? Why can’t I hear anything? Why can’t I see anything? What the heck is going on?

Why do I feel like my life is being sucked away?

Being in that darkness….it felt like forever, I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind. When will this entrapment end? I want to go out and look for Kaoru. Kaoru needs me, I can’t vanish now! She must be so scared….

When can I escape?

I can’t move. It feels like I’m bound by titanium chains and stuck to the floor with fifteen inch wide nails forced through my hands and feet. If I move, tons and tons of pain will weigh down on me. I could die.

I don’t want to die.

Where am I?

Suddenly, light pierces the darkness, and I’m left blind for a few seconds. Someone hacks away the chains and slings me over their shoulder. Gun shots, it hurts my ears, they echo around me and hit bodies. But I couldn’t concentrate, all I can think of is trying not to vomit.

And all I could think of after that was jumping out of this person’s hold and go in a feverish search for my sister.

“Kaoru…..” I murmur gently to myself.

I black out.


I wake up in a room that is unknown to me. I see a girl leaning on the wall with her eyes closed. She sighs and looks up at me.

“Ah, you’re up.” She says in a boyish voice and slams her fist lightly on the intercom installed on the wall. A burst of static and a voice demands for information. She answers back the questions in a monotonous voice and her eyes never leave mine.

She presses another button and the voice is cut off with a wave of static then silence. She runs a hand through her dyed hair and walks towards me.

“What’s your name?” she queries and stands in front of the bed. I take a deep breath.


The door bangs open and a man walks in with a rifle in his hands, the girl pouts and moves away and back to her post.

“What happened?” I slurred out and rub my eyes, I sit up.

“You were caught on the day we were supposed to save you.” The girl piped out, my eyes widen in surprise.

“Where’s Kaoru??” I demand and I jump off the bed, I stumble backwards and lose my footing, landing on the floor in a heap of tangled sheets and limbs. The girl lets out a shriek and bounds to me, but the man helps me up first.

“Easy there kid, you lost a lot of supply. We were a bit late.” He says and sets me back on the bed. I stare at my hand in horror to see that it’s almost skeletal in appearance, I feel weak and thin and fragile too. The horror I felt trapped in that darkness come rushing back to me and leave me in a violent vertigo. I reach for the bucket and let loose the liquid in my system. The girl hands me bottled water and I gargle.

The man sets the rifle beside the bed and taps away on a keypad on the wall, the room gets a little colder and the lighting dims.

“You should rest for a while.” He tells me and motions for the girl to sit beside the bed. She does and he leaves.

“So…” she starts to say.

“My name is Yuki, Yousuke Yuki.”

She smiles, “Snow, come to think of it, it’s been long since it last snowed here in Nippon.”

I agree with her quietly.

“My name is AC-565,”she says matter-of-factly, “but the folks here call me Chise, Wakana Chise.”

 “Are you human?”

She looks offended by my question. I bury myself deeper under the blanket in embarrassment until only half of my face is seen. She giggles.

“Of course I am! They saved me you see, saved me like they saved you. The people in Acacia took away my memories and identity and labeled me as an inanimate object. I’m glad they saved me.”

We are quiet again. She plays with a lone strand of bright red hair and watches the fabricated world on the window screen. Her wide black eyes entranced in the ruined beauty of the dying world. I watch along with her, my mind racing to Kaoru’s side. I wonder if she’s here and alright.

My gut feeling states otherwise.


Chise helps me up then; she guides me out the sliding door and leads me down the hallways. A sense of dread fills me as the windows lessen and the path gets darker. She hums cheerfully to herself as I lose all sense of feeling in my body.

We continue to walk, with me following her like a zombie. My mind dictates that I should run away but my body disobeys.


The voice echoes, like a soft whispering wind that envelops me. Chise types a code on the keypad on the wall and the wall parts open. My eyes widen at the sight of the wide room.

A middle-aged man sits at a polished oak desk, the walls were metallic-silver, and different weapons were arranged everywhere. The man gives us a kindly smile and gestures to the chairs in front of his desk.

Chise helps me sit down then she moves farther away, she leans back on the wall and gives me a small smile.

The man clears his throat.

“Hello Yousuke Yuki-kun.” He says gently and stands up to bow. I stand and bow back at him to show my respect.

“How do you know me?” I ask and sit back down. He chuckles heartily.

“You might not remember me Yuki-kun, but I remember every little tiny detail of you,” He says, “I was friends with your father.”

The air suddenly grows tensioned, my hands ball up into fists and the smile on his wrinkled face slips away. There is a serious spark in his eyes.

“I’m sorry to hear that they died Yuki-kun. He was a very valuable friend and co-founder.” He says again.

But I am silent.

He sighs, “Yuki-kun, you know you can’t hide that knowledge forever.”

My hands clench on the fabric of the hospital gown I am wearing, “Who are you?”

He massages the bridge of his nose, muttering to himself, and then he looks up, motioning to Chise to exit. She does and casts me a worried glance. I give her a subtle thumbs-up before returning my gaze to the man-who is already by the window screen, his palm flat on the glass as he stared at the green pastures of long, long ago.

And then, he begins to tell me a story.

“We were young and wild back then, me and your father. We were both friends in college who had big dreams and high hopes with our superior minds and futuristic ideas. We were sought out by popular companies; we were highly respected and seen as two promising scientists.

And because of the pride that got stuck in our heads, we started to dabble.

Animal/human crossbreeds, splices, new viruses, all those shit that can be deemed saving and dangerous at the same time. We garnered awards and even more fame, even Acacia the most advanced Scientific/Pharmaceuticals Company gave us a contract.

Then the war broke through-“

I cut him off, my voice shaking and faint, “-Father was in danger since his findings were very advanced. He was the one who formulated the Human Mining Project if ever the nuclear warfare permanently damaged the atmosphere here on earth.”

He nods sadly, “Your father, Yousuke Ichiro, was the start of all this tragedy, and I, Joel Takashi, helped him.”

“Now Kaoru…” horror begins to seep through my veins.

“Kaoru-Chan’s brain is implanted with a microchip that holds the datum of our researches. We didn’t get to save her in time.” He groans out and buries his head in his hands.

My eyes widen at that small sliver of information, the world around me turns hazy with shock and fear. Joel Takashi-san looks at me with pity and guilt eating at him. I feel like I’ve completely lost everything, that I’ve failed not only myself, but father and mother as well.

Kaoru must be crying right now.

Worse, she might be in that same darkness I was in with her life being sucked away by a tube and slowly turn into dust and bones.

I won’t ever let that happen.

“Let me save her…” I breathe out and swallow loudly; he whips his head to my direction with his mouth hanging wide open in surprise.

“In your condition now?” he exclaims then shakes his head wildly, “That would be impossible!!”

I stand up and slam my hands on his desk, “I’m begging you I don’t want Kaoru to die! I have to save her, no matter what may happen!!!”

He runs a hand through his graying hair and bites on his lip, his eyes are downcast and faraway, deep in thought. I slump back down on the chair and cover my face with my hands. The room is eerily quiet, not one sound, not one peep, comes from the both of us.

Then he sighs loudly.

“I can’t let you go in that condition, so Chise and Touya-kun will shape you up.”

A wide smile forms on my lips, I bow and thank him many times.

I’m coming Kaoru, I’ll save you!

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