Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


1. walking home

"Kelsy!" Bo my bff yells ''WHAT BO!'' i yell back ''wanna come over this afternoon? i've got new 1D videos,'' she says excitedly ''you know i hate them,'' i roll my eyes '' fine see you later my bus is here,'' she moans hugging me '' bye,'' i laugh.

                                                       5mins later 

i started to walk home listening to my ipod ''my hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close,'' i sing along i then notice a shadow that didn't belong to me, i turn my head slightly to see who was there it was a very buff looking boy wearing a black hoddie with a benie and sunglasses on i then speed up a little, so dose he, i start to jog so dose he so i sprint and he is close behind me and getting closer i then trip over a rock and he grabs me and then everything went black.




hey guy wat u think so far? leave ur comments


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