Un bearable love

Anna has just moved from the other side of the world when her dad got a Job in the music inderestry ever since her mum died she has bein uncoffendent shy bullied and picked on but will this all change?


1. The news

As the bell rang for the last time that year at sunny nook high school in america every one was saying there good byes , except for anna who couldn't wait to get out of that he'll hole! Now anna would seem like you typical popular girl with the features premium long blond hair blue eyes and you would think she would of also had all the friend, parties,and the boys but no she was the one always getting picked on by this ethereal popularity... And everyone else but the "leader" Monique was the worse and to think she was bffs with her in middle school yuck. As anna went dodging all the people in the corridor to her new red sports car and her long hair following. Se hopped in the car And drove a couple of blocks up to her house. She arrived with two moving trucks pulling out of her drive way and lots of boxes. Anna could not believe this exactly what she wanted to move. she walked in to her house omg it was absolutely bare anna called out " daaaaaaad" and he poked his head around the kitchen door and shouts " annnnnnnna" sarcastically um dad where are we moving to he replayed with " we'll I wanted this to be a surprise but ENGLAND " s
Wait what anna said sounded did I hear right " yes Hun said her dad I got a new job in the music inderestry and we will be moving out tomorrow  I'm sorry anna" " no dad it's fine I'm over the moon actually! 

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