Liam's sister

Liam has a twin sister who no one knows about. she stays during the summer. but what happens when love is in th air?

1. 1

 Lina’s POV

Today my brother Liam Payne is picking me up from the airport. Yes the Liam Payne. And I’m Lina Payne. Never heard of me? Well that’s because when Liam auditioned for the X-Factor I begged him not to mention me to ANYONE. Even the boys. We talk a lot over Skype, I missed him, a lot. He was like my best friend. I’m older than him by a minute. Yes, we are twins. Anyways Liam is picking me up to live with him over the summer. It will be exciting. I was listening to my music with my 1D ear buds, yes I’m a direction. I was listening to ‘Everything about you’ I got a text from Liam saying he is going to be late. Go figure. Right? I let out a loud sigh, getting weird looks from old people. I hear screaming, even though my ear buds… what is going on? I couldn't tell but my guess is this is why he is going to be late. But I was wrong. I see Harry Styles’ curly hair bobbing through the crowd. I look at him, his gaze catches mine. I let out a small grin. His facial features express both happiness and fear. He started to make his way to me… Did Liam really tell him about me?! No. he promised. While being in a fight with myself Harry was in front of me. He started talking to me but I couldn’t hear him. Ops. I took out my ear buds.

“Sorry, what was that?” I asked

“I was wondering if you could help Me.” he repeated

“With…..” I said dragging it on

“I need to find gate 293, I’m picking up my aunt.” He said mater-of-factly.

“Ummm, I think if you go straight and take a left. Or follow the numbers of the gates.” I said pointing up to a sign above me.

“Oh, ha. I guess you’re right.” His cheeks started to get pinkish.

I let out a small, barely noticeable giggle. I looked up to see Liam looking at me and Harry. Liam was wearing a wig, a very girlish wig and sunglasses. He mouthed something but I can only make out ‘dose he know’ or something like that. I turned my attention to harry ignoring Liam’s worried facial expression.

“Well my ride is here. See you around?” I said.

“Ya, I hope so.” He let out a small grin.

“Bye, Mr.Styles.” I said playfully.

“Bye, Miss…” he said dragging it along.

“Payne.” And with that I left him to wonder. His face looked in shock.

I walked up to my brother. He looked a little… Mad.

“What the hell!” he said quietly

“What?” I said raising my hands up in defense.

“You were talking or should I say flirting with Harry!” he looked like a tomato.

“Whatever, lets go home. I’m tired.” I groaned.

“Fine, but this is not the last you will hear of it.” He said sternly.

“Yes ‘dad’.” I mumbled.

“What was that?” he questioned.

“Nothing lets just go!” I said grumpily.

I turned my head over my shoulder looking at the spot were me and Harry had our conversation. He left. I figured.

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