Turner and three of his friend were driving home one day. They were turning the corner and crash. Turner wakes up and screams for help. He has been screaming, for what seem like forever, he see a shadow. Turner screams louder but then the shadow went on all fours and crawl to the car.

What will happen to Turner and his friends? What is the four-legged thing? Human? Animal? Something else? Find out and read Turner.


2. What happened?

I was the only one who didn't black out. I look around to see what happened, the car must of flipped many times. Only my airbag want off, Seth was almost out the windshield and bleeding. Taylor and Sam must of hit the seat in front of them then hit each other in the head, causing them to blackout. I was the only one awake. I tried to get my phone and call 911, but I didn't have any phone service.

"HELP!!" I screamed as loud as I could. "SOMEONE HELP US!!"

I was screaming for a few hours, to the point where my voice was cracking. Then I saw a shadow like a human, so I scream. At first I thought it was a human, but in a second it was on all four. All I remember, before blacking out was seeing a huge wolf.

I woke up and I was on the ground, with blood everywhere. I looked behind me and there was Seth, behind him was Taylor and behind him was Sam. I got up slowly, remembering the shadow I saw before blacking out.

"Seth...wake up!" I touch him and my hand felt like it was on fire.I look at my hand and it was on fire. I touch Taylor and my hand went from being on fire, to socking wet. It was water. Then I touch Sam, after about a minute I couldn't feel my hand, like it went numb. This is not right...

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