Turner and three of his friend were driving home one day. They were turning the corner and crash. Turner wakes up and screams for help. He has been screaming, for what seem like forever, he see a shadow. Turner screams louder but then the shadow went on all fours and crawl to the car.

What will happen to Turner and his friends? What is the four-legged thing? Human? Animal? Something else? Find out and read Turner.


1. Car Crash

I was sitting in my last block, English. I just wanted this class wanted this class to end, so I can see my girlfriend. She is the most beautiful girl ever and I love her with all my heart. Only five more minutes. The last five minutes are the worse of the whole school day.  I can't wait to hang out with my boys after school. We always hangout every Friday but at different houses. Today it's mine and I have to drive everyone home.

*Bell rings*

"Turner hurry up and get to your girl." said Seth, one of my friends.

"Yeah I'm going." I got up and went to my locker and waited for my girl. We shared the same locker because her last class it near it also.

"Boo!" Abbey whispered in my ear and scared me.

"Hey! You have to stop doing that." I said that to her before giving her a kiss.

"Where are you going today?" Liz ask.

"My house but I know that he boys won't want girls there. We like to have our guy times. Just like you have your girl times."

"Yeah that's true. But don't forget your coming our to my house to meet my grandparents. They can't wait to meet you."

"Oh yeah, um I almost forgot about that. But don't worry I will be there."

"I hope so. No later than 5 o'clock with the boys or you will be late. Got it?"

"Yeah babe. I love you." Then I give her a kiss, but a nice long one. One of the guys came up behind us and pulled me away.

"Hey you always have time for her, now it's our time. Lets go!" said Taylor. I gave Liz a hug and went with the boys.

We got to my car and got in. I was driving, Seth was sitting next to me, and Taylor and Sam were in the back. I  were driving over the speed limit, I love feeling that rush feeling. We were just having a blast! But the next thing I were, I turned too sharp and the car flip. All I can remember, before blacking out was the flipping many times.


***Authors note: Hey guys I hope you like this. It will be better, I promise, I just had to start someway. Enjoy up coming chapters!***

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