Cute, Short Stories

These are cute little stories that I wrote. They're only 1-2 pages. They are supposed to be cheesy, so suck it up. (:


3. Fireworks

I boarded the bus and sat down in the first seat on my right. I pulled out my book and started reading. In English I had to read a book of my choice and write a book report, then present it in front of class. More people boarded the bus and it got nosier, so I turned on my iPod and put in my headphones.

After a minute, I felt the bus jerk forward, which caused me to drop my book. I swore and bent down to pick it. I flicked some dirt off it, and continued reading.

10 minutes later I looked out the window and saw my stop coming up. I put my bookmark back in and zipped up my bag. The bus stopped and I stood up. I got up and turned to the bus driver and smiled. He smiled back and opened the door.

I stepped off and the door closed behind me. I looked back at the bus and saw people mouthing, “freak”, “weirdo”, and “crazy” at me. I sighed at the bus pulled away and turned to go back to my house.

If only they knew that I wasn’t a freak, a weirdo, or crazy, I was just as normal as them. I just kept to myself. I didn’t have much friends.


My car got fixed and I had to pick it up. Thankfully my mechanic was just down the street, so I walked there.

I arrived at Jayson’s garage. “I’m here!” I called.

Jayson’s head popped around the corner, bright piercing green eyes looking at me and smiling.

“Hey, Lola,” Jayson said in his deep, husky voice.

“Hey. How’s the car?” I ask, walking toward my car.

“It’s good. Needed the oil change and a new exhaust, but other than that, it’s all fixed.”

I got my wallet out of my shoulder-bag, “How much do I owe you?” I ask.

Jayson shakes his head, “Nothing. On the house. How about I take you to a movie instead?”

I blink. Jayson and I have been friends for years, but it never got far off that. He was the only one that I hung out with outside of school. Partly because he goes to another high school in the area.

I just thought his offer was just for friends, since we’ve gone to the movies before, “Sure.” I reply and take my keys from his hands. Mine brushed them and I got a shiver but hid it.

“Thanks so much, Jayson. I like having my car back and not taking the bus.” I say.

“I think anyone would,” Jayson grins, flashing perfect straight teeth at me.

“Well, I have to go. Call me later. Thanks again Jayson.” I say as I get into my car.

“See you, Lola!” Jayson calls as I back out of the garage. I see him mumbling to himself, then smiles and walks back into his house.


10 months later:

I’m graduating. Finally! I’m getting out of this hell-hole we call high school. I was currently just waiting in my seat, waiting for the ceremony to be over so I could get the hell out of here and too Jayson’s graduation.

My parents were dead, and my aunt didn’t care about me, at all. I didn’t bother me though. She did her thing, I did my thing. I was going to a college out of the state to pursue my artist career I wanted. Far away from my aunt.

The principal said his last few words and we threw our caps in the air. Once everyone got up and wandered off to find their family. I left. I handed the Vice Principal my gown and ran towards my car.

A few minutes later I arrived at Jayson’s school’s parking lot. I parked and ran toward their football field. As I got there, I looked franticly around for Jayson. I walked around in the crowd for a little, trying to find the familiar green eyes.

Then I heard someone call my name. I turned around and found Jayson running toward me. I smiled and walked toward him. But, once he caught up to me, he grabbed my face and kissed me. I was shocked for a second, but then I felt him pull back. I put my arms around his neck, and kissed him back.

I swore fireworks were going off.


10 years later.

I picked up Tory and swirled him around in the air. He giggled like a 2 year old and grinned. I stopped and put him back on the ground so he could go play again. Then I felt someone come up behind me. A pair of strong hands dragged on my waist, and locked around my stomach. I turned around in the hold and looked into those bright piercing green eyes.

“Yes,” I teased, grinning at him.

Jayson laughed a little, and started to kiss my neck. I laughed and tried to loosen his hold on me, “Stop, there’s a kid watching,” I said, laughing.

“So,” Jayson mumbled against my neck and continued to make his way up my neck to my jaw.

I sighed and gave in. I pulled his face away and looked into those eyes that I loved since I first saw them. Jayson and I had been married for 9 years, and we had Tory 2 years ago. It was just the perfect family.

I pulled his face to mine so our lips met. He grinned against my mouth and continued to kiss me like he never wanted to stop.

The fireworks were still alive and bursting. Just like they always have and will. 

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