Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Hi! This is my first movella so...hope you enjoy!

All Skylar and Roxanne wanted was to fit in, maybe even be a pop.(Popular) But of course, it was impossible. They were outsiders, nerds, and worst of all...they were being constantly bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends. What happens though, when they learn something? Something they were never supposed to know, a secret that wasn't ment for their ears, a secret that brought Skylar, Roxanne, and the boys together. Most importantly...who will fall for who?


1. T.G.I.F

    Sky's P.O.V.

   I sat there in Mr.Clarks room staring at the clock. TICK, 5...TICK, 4...TICK, 3...TICK,2...TICK,1...RING! I stumble out of the boring English room, and into the crowded hallway. Since I suffer from extreme claustrophobia, my friend and I worked out a plan to meet in the janitor's closet so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowd of people in the hallway.

   I quickly shuffle around the people in the hallway, and make my way towards the janitors closet so I could see my best friend Roxanne. I finally have pushed my way towards the janitor's closet, and flung open the door. I threw myself in, and waited for Roxy to get here. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0...SLAM!

   "Hey Sky!" Roxy greeted me.

   "Wassup?" I ask, giving Roxy a huge hug.

   "Guess what?" she asked me excitedly.

   "What?" I ask clueless.

   "John said hi to me!!!!" Roxy screamed throwing her hands into the air. John has been her crush since the second grade, and he never notices Roxy's constant stares and flirty smiles.

   "Awwwww, yay!" I say happily.

   "I know right!?!?" Roxy says still hyped up. "So what's been going on with you today? You seem really down, and it's a Friday!"

   "You know...the usual. Louis tripped me in the hallway...Zayn was spreading rumors about how I "supposedly" like him, BLECH, which is NOT true! Harry spilled his water on my head at lunch," I said holding up my damp hair. "And don't forget about Niall and Liam throwing wadded up balls of paper at my head in Science...So, yeah. I had a pretty normal day."

   "Awww, you poor thing," Roxy said pulling me into a massive bear-hug. She pulled away, and cracked the door to the janitor's closet to see if the hallways were empty yet. "It's clear,"

   "Good," I sighed as Roxy and I walked down the hallway. It was completely vacant at this time, especially since it was a Friday. Roxy and I laughed about our plans after school, and chatted about how James was cracking jokes during Math and got detention for it. Suddenly, we rounded the corner to our lockers, and we were met with a surpsise. Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn all standing in the middle of the hallway chatting...right in front of my locker.

   Just don't look at them Skylar, don't look at them. Blend in, stay unnoticed. Of course, that would be kind of hard since Roxy and I are the only ones in the hallway besides them. I take a deep breath in, and nervously straighten my abnormal orange beanie, then make my way towards my locker.

   They didn't pay any attention to me, and didn't bother letting them know I was there. I silently walked past them, heading towards the double doors leading to freedom, right behind Roxy. As soon as the doors opened and Roxy had time to slip out, I heard a cough behind me. Then, I slowly turned on my heels...big mistake.

   A few seconds later, I was being dragged away by Louis and Harry into an unoccupied classroom at the end of the hallway. I kicked, and resisted, and did whatever I could to make them let go of me...but they didn't. After a few seconds, I stopped resisting, and decided they would hurt me less if I just went along and did what they told me. I shut my eyes as they sat me down on an empty desk, and pulled myself together, waiting for the punches to come.

   But...they never did, so I opened my eyes. I found myself staring into the bright blue eyes of Louis Tomlinson and the green eyes of Harry Styles. They looked calm, and wasn't in their usual abrasive stance. So, I decided to stare at them both, giving them a look that says, "Well, beat me up already, I don't have all day!"

   They seemed to understand what I was saying, and lightly chuckled to themselves. I gave them a confused look, which seemed to humor them even more, causing them to burst into peels of laughter. "So," Louis started, "why don't you ever speak?"

   Oh yeah, did I mention I never talk to people, except for Roxy, and sometimes my mom, but other than that, I'm a closed book. I didn't want to answer Louis' question, so I just shrugged and started to get up and leave. I pushed past Harry, who gratefully let me through, but then Louis stopped me as I tried to get past the door. I looked up into his blue eyes, and did something I truly regret.

   I punched him in the face. It didn't do much, you could barely see the purple-ish bruise that just started forming, but it was enough to get Louis agrivated. He gave me a sturn look, and punched me in the stomach...three times, before dragging Harry out the door. Then, just as soon as they came up out of nowhere, they were gone, then I realized that Louis took my beanie! 

   I needed my beanie! My grandma knit it for me when I was five, and I told her my favorite color was bright orange. It took her a whole month to make it, and she worked on it nonstop too. When she gave it to me, I was so happy. She told me as long as I had that beanie, I had her. I didn't know what she ment at the time, but the next day I did find out. The next day she died...she died in a street shooting. She was just a random bystander, she was innocent, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Since that day, I've never really talked much, I had the weird idea that if I spoke someone would come up and shoot me.

   I didn't know who the people in the shooting were, or why those boys always beat me up, but I do know one thing...thank goodness it's Friday.


   Author's Note: Hey guys! Let me know if I should continue on with the story. Leave comments, and if i get enough comments, I will post the next chapter up by this weekend:) The first chapter wasn't very good, but I promise it gets better!





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