Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


1. Prologue/Chapter One


I was spending my summer, before collage, on an island. “But, it’ll fun!” My mom cheered when she told me I’d spending my summer with my sister, her husband, and her daughter. My sister moved out when she was eighteen, and got married at nineteen to her high school sweetheart, Elliot. Ten months later, she had her daughter, Elisa.

          The last time I saw my sister was when Elisa was born, five years ago. My mom told me that Alex, my sister, wanted me to spend the summer with her and her family. Alex’s twenty fourth birthday was in two weeks, and I knew she’d make sure that I’d be spending it with her.

          Then almost a month later, August second, was my eighteenth birthday. I can’t remember the last time she was with me for my birthday.

          To be honest, I was excited to spend my summer with my sister. We were never exactly close, but we did talk. The last time I talked to her was to tell that I’d gotten accepted into a collage.

          So, after my mom cheered it was a good idea when Alex had told her that she wanted me to come over. So, now I was driving to Long Beach, California, then going on a ferry, to Santa Catalina island.

          There were no cars allowed on the ferry, so I was stuck on the island, with no cars. At least there was internet and cell phone reception.


Chapter 1

I arrived at the dock. Alex said she’d meet me at the docks on the island and drive me to her place since the ferry was only for passengers.

          I parked my car in the ferry parking, double checking everything was locked and I had everything. I boarded the boat, giving the guy at the entrance my ticket. I smiled at him and entered the boat.

          I found a seat near the side of the boat, so I could look outside. I turned on my iPod and counted the minutes until I’d be on dry land.

          I always had a fear of being on boats. If it was a small inflatable boat, and I was the only one in it, I was fine. But, if it was a boat that fit more than one person, I’d get sick almost immediately. As long as I got through this ferry boat without throwing up, that’d be a huge achievement for me.

          But, I kept hold of the arm rest for the entire trip.




I was the first off the boat. When I was on the dock, away from the boat floating in the water, I started to breath. I put my bag down beside me as I sat down on the dock, getting rid of my shakes.

          A hand touched my shoulder.

          I stood up very quickly and tried to punch the person that had touched me. But, it was only Elliot, barely keeping in a laugh.

          I bent down to get my bag, and said, “Go on, laugh.” I smiled as I stood back up.

          “You haven’t changed, Megan, have you?” Elliot asked, taking one of my bags from my hands. We walked up the dock to the parking lot, and put my stuff in the back. Alex was sitting in the front seat and Elisa was in her car seat in the back. She smiled at me as I opened the back door.

          I sat in the seat and smiled at my niece. “How are you Liz?” I asked, smiling back at her.

          Alex turned around, “Hey Meg.” She patted my knee, and then turned back facing the windshield.

          We pulled out of the parking lot, and I put on my seat belt. I smiled at Elisa moving around in her seat. She turned to me and smiled. “Auntie Meggie!” She yelled happily.

          “Liz!” I play-yell back to her and her grin widens.

          The entire ride is quiet except for Elisa’s occasional giggles.


“So, this is your room,” Alex said, putting my suitcase on the bed. She lived a block away from the ocean, and you could see the ocean a little from my room. “Dinner will be in about 10 minutes, and after that, we can catch up?” I nodded, and she closed the door behind me.

          The room was a beautiful, calming blue with white curtains and blue bed sheets. Alex always knew how to decorate a room. Every time I’d rearrange my room, we’d both spend a couple of hours redecorating my room.

          I unpacked some of my clothes and put them all in the top drawer of the dresser, but leaving all my valuables in my suitcase. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted my Mom telling her I was here, and alive.

          After I pressed send, and then Elliot’s voice came up the stairs, “Dinner!”

          I opened the door, and ran down the stairs. I didn’t know where the kitchen was, but I followed to the smell of the food. “Smells good.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

          “It better. Made it all myself.” Elliot smiled and kissed Alex’s cheek. Elliot bent to put a plate on the table, and Alex lightly smacked his butt. He laughed and smacked hers.

          “I want food!” Elisa whined.

          “It’s almost ready. Now, go wash up.” Alex said.

          She skipped out of the room and down the hall.

          “I hope this meal is okay,” Elliot asked me.

          I looked at the spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread, and salad. “I love this kind of food. One of my favourite meals.” I sat down in one of the chairs.

          Elliot smiled. “Does that mean that I’m allowed to cook the meals?”    

          I nodded, then looked at Alex. “You never mentioned he cooked.”

          “I didn’t. He’s the best cook I’ve ever known. Better than Mom,” Alex replied and smiled at her husband.

          Elliot and Alex meet over a book in the library. Cheesy, yes, but it really happened. When she got home, she told Mom all about it. And, me, being a nosy kid, overheard it. They were both grabbing for the same book, and Alex said to Mom, “It was, like, I could see he was the one for me when I looked into his eyes.”

          Ever, since that, I’d always dreamed of finding the one. I have dated guys, sure. They were nice and kind at first, and then they turned into complete asses.

          “Is dinner ready,” Elisa asked, walking into the kitchen.

          “Yes, honey,” Alex replied. Elisa could talk very well for a five-year old. She sat in the chair beside me, and smiled at her Dad.

          You could feel the love in this family.

          “Dig in, guys,” Elliot clapped his hands and kissed Alex on the cheek.

          “So, how have you been Megan?” Alex asked me as her and I cleaned up after dinner.

          “I’ve been good,” I put the plates in the dish washer.

          “Mom’s told me that you’ve had trouble in the dating game.” She gave me a sympathetic look.

          “I’ve just had trouble finding the right guy.”

          Alex put a hand on my back. “I was just lucky enough to find mine. But, you’ll find yours, I swear.”

          I smiled. “Is it okay if I take a walk out on the beach?”     

          “Just keep your phone with you.” She replied as I walked out the front door.

          “You sound like Mom,” I yelled back, laughing.




I walked down the path that led to the beach, and the smell of the ocean hit me. I could hear some people laughing, and boats gliding on the water. As I got closer to the sand, I took off my flip flops and let myself feel the warm, soft sand between my toes.

          The warm breeze hit my back, and I shivered. I smiled, and smelt the air. The ocean always smelt nice, and I always felt more at home when I was by it. I did have a nice tan that matched my long light brown hair.

          I watch as some skidoos skid over the walk when something caught my eye. The sun was setting, and I could see a guy, running down the beach in shorts and a tank top. I couldn’t see his features from where I was standing, but I could tell it was a guy.

          I smiled and walked up the beach, back toward Alex’s house, when I tripped. On a beach chair. A girl looked at me with wide, brown eyes, and short cropped blonde hair.

          “I’m so sorry. I forgot it was over there.” She said, picking up the chair that I tripped on and put it with her stuff.

          “Oh, it’s fine.” I replied, and started to walk back.

          “I’m Abby. Are you new?” Abby asks.   

          “I’m here just for the summer. I’m Megan.”

          “Oh, you going to college or still in high school?” She asked.

          “Going to college.” I replied. “How about you?”

          “Going into second year in college.  

          “Nice. Well, I have to go.” I started to walk away.

          “Oh, see you later then? Tomorrow, eleven, this spot?”

          “Sure. Bye.”

          “Bye.” I walked away.       

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