The Only One

a one direction fan fic


1. chapther1

Lias P.O.V

hey guys im lia! im 18 and have light browin hair and browin.  I have a twin borther name jaime. My borther and i have been liveing on our sence we where 15. "Lia!" What jaime! "Im going out to pick up some friends be back later!" ok. i layed back down and put my hedphones in. RIng Ring Rin... hey hope!  Hey lia! whats up? nothing.. i was wondering if i could stay overe? Sure come on over! ok be there later. Ok bye. bye. Hope me and her have been friend scenc we where 2. Hope has blond hair and sea blue eyes. Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Do... Hey hope!  Hey. come on in. Wheres jaime? hope asked oh he whent to go get some of his friends. ok. "Lia im home!" Im in the liveing room! i hered jaime and his friends come into the room. i looked up and saw 5 fermilyer faces. 





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