The Truth

A kidnapping leads to a game of Life or Death!!


1. Lily returns


Five boys come into my hospital bed demanding I tell them what happened. I look up at them, and then reverted my eyes. Niall came and sat next to me and kissed my forehead." I'm so happy you’re alright Lily I was worried sick about you" said Niall." Lily, tell me where Perrie is!" demanded Zayn. I just looked away trying to keep myself from answering. Zayn had a furious look on his face and grabbed my arm pulling me up from the bed. I looked at him straight in the eyes with a mad look on my face. He hesitated at the sight of all my bruises and cuts but continued. “Lily where's Perrie, is she okay, do you know where she is?" Zayn said. Once again I looked away. His grip got tighter and I started fighting against him to make him stop touching me. I start to tear up at the frustration. Then a man walks in telling the man to release me at once. He told them that he was my doctor and that I was already suffering. Suffering? Was I suffering? Of course I was suffering, suffering from my deal to not let anyone know anything. As planned when no one was looking i injected myself with what the drug, causing me to have a seizure.

Niall's P.O.V:

"Nurse, nurse get in here stat with sedative!" said the doctor. I just stood there just shocked not knowing what was happening, as the nurses began to push me and the guys out of the room. “Hey guys, what if Lily really doesn't know, what if they kept her blindfolded the whole time" I said. “Niall I know how you feel for her, but that is beside the point, El and Perrie are still missing and Lily is the only one who might know where they could be" Liam said. “What doesn't make sense is why the kidnappers only let Lily go’’Harry said. “Now that's the million dollar question I'm dying to know" Zayn said in a sarcastic, frustrated way. “Zayn you need to calm down it’s not just Perrie that's missing my El is too" Louis said with almost tears forming in his eyes. The doctor came out and we all rushed to see if Lily was okay. “Just what is your connection to my patient that you barge into her room and cause a high level amount of stress on her body" the doctor said in a melo but furious tone. “I’m sorry it was wrong of me to grab her like that but she knows something that's very important" Zayn said. “Well I believe I asked you what your connection was to her" the doctor said. I walked up to the doctor and said “I’m her boyfriend" I said. “I know that my friend here showed some rude behavior earlier but we really are her friends and this is a situation that deals with life and death, so please let us see her" Liam said trying to reason with him. Sighing the doctor said " Listen guys right now she is currently sleeping and by the looks of it she won't wake up anytime soon, but if you come by later I will let you see her" the doctor said. "Tanks doc" I said with a big smile. I was happy I get to see Lily but the guys weren't too happy they had to wait.

Lily's P.O.V

I woke up trying to remember what had happened. As images began to form in my head I began to tear up. "Perrie, El, I hope you guys are alright and don't worry I will do as planned!" I said in my head.

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