Bloodlines: Into the Gray

Adriana is a girl in a world where humans have ruled as the superior race for years. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and even the legendary clans of shapeshifters are returning to the land of Granriel, bringing with their deep grudges against the humans that nearly drove them to extinction. Excited by the sudden strong feelings of power coming from the magic in Granriel, the long-slumbering dragons take flight. Countless beasts come forward from the forests in which they had hidden in fear of humanity, making even daytime travel a gamble. Will Adriana learn to live in this strange new world, or will the growing web of secrets and darkness swallow her whole?


1. (Some stuff before you read.)

This book is inspired by quite a few important people in my life. My dad, for teaching me that nobody knows the answer to what's out there. Jon, for bringing true magic into my life. Josh, for being there no matter what girly emotional vomit I had to vent. Marykate, for showing me how amazing friendship could be, no matter how different people are. To make this shorter, it's for my "family", not biological, but the people that I love like brothers and sisters; Marykate (yes, again.), Joel, Jack, Claire, and Jennifer. These people are the ones that get me through the day, the ones that make me smile in my darkest hours. I love them all, and no matter what happens, I'll never regret any of them. So I dedicate this book to them, even if it doesn't get published.

With love, Emily R. Smith.

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