Nought's & Crosses

This was my exam, and I decided to put it on movellas to see what you thought of it. I would like you to give a constructive comment PLEASE, and just anything i could improve :D
P.S: Sorry for the bad cover....;P


1. Nought's & Crosses Chapter re-write

An echo of voices filled the air with mischief, the closer I got the more the bellowing grew; and so did mine and the worlds curiosity. The last corner was the beginning of a moment I knew wouldn’t end. A swarm of people, a swarm of chaos gathered around the innocent wiping out every single peace of mercy they gave. I immediately dropped anything I had that would slow me down, and before I knew it I was running so fast the pain was unbearable but it must be nothing to the pain they must be in at this moment.


I knew what was happening and I was going to tolerate them putting us down just because of our differences, being different means your unique and no one else could ever replace you no matter the technology; when you can’t replace something does it not mean it’s special?


As my exhausted body collapsed and trudged onto the school perimeter, these same words ran over my body beating me till I was numb, black and blue. My heart started racing until it crashed, until it ran out of control and couldn’t bare the dark oxygen, the black energy that had been pumped through it. Every time they said it, ice-cold chills ran down my body, my veins my everything. My heart wasn’t plump and red anymore it was weak and needed tender; it needed love and a warm sweet voice to awaken me from this nightmare. Someone to carry me out of the dark, and back into the light that once left me in disgust. The ice-cold chills were so ever so cold, my fingers were shaking but not from a warm-hearted handshake, but from the sound of it being rejected and spat on.



This slogan were bellowed and roared, over and over again. Being hurt not once, not just twice. But were shouted over and over again. With each bitter tear that fell so did my strength, courage and confidence; these tears washed me away into the roaring crowed, it swept me off into the world a world of hatred and abomination. Was this really meant to be? Why do two worlds have to come crashing down, why can’t it be it just be one world all living in harmony?


I couldn’t help them. But struggled to help myself, the only thing I could do was to feel sorry for myself, telling myself over and over again ‘hope can find you, but it’s just that you can’t find hope’.


They were like a pack of wolves, breaking into me robbing me of all my glory and tearing me apart. The police tried to do everything they could. But it wasn’t enough our barriers came falling down and they came running in. Shoving, kicking, punching, everything they could do to bring us down. Every bone in my body felt like dry pasta being snapped and burned, boiled and baked. It was if I was a rag doll being stabbed and poked, having my hair slowly ripped off one by one so they could enjoy and savour the pain we were feeling, and my stuffing pulled out through the holes that were pierced into me; just to leave an empty waste of space.


Just as I thought no one would come to some sense, Sephy, she was there telling everybody to stop acting like savages. But then she above everybody and everything she said something that dug into me so deep, I thought the world was mocking me gave me a life to make me a muse, a joke something that shouldn’t even deserve just that one loving embrace, I thought the world was punishing me. Hanging me. Shooting me. Stabbing me. Rejecting me. But.. Why? Why us? She’d never, I mean she wouldn’t… but I guess she’s just another one of them. Another one of those crosses. I guess she was never right for me because all she’s just a cross, never a tick. She’s just a clear example of something that was never meant to be, a cross.


As we finally made it inside the school there were pieces of me lost in that brutal battle, a battle that I fought alone. But there were pieces of me that could never heal, be bought or given back. I was weak at those moments in the past, but I’m trying to keep my head high and strong as I head deeper into my future. 


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