Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


1. Family

"Zayn stop" Kat giggled as I kissed all around her face and down her neck

"Make me" I said continuing to kiss her all over the place

She grabbed my face in both her hands and then leaned in so that her lips touched mine, I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her onto my lap continuing with the kiss. I felt her smile and that made me smile too.

"Zayn I gotta go to work" Kat said getting up

I groaned and pulled her back down, kissing her more

"Don't leave" I said kissing her more

"I have to baby" she said getting up and lifting the things she needed for work

"Call in sick" I pleaded and she smiled a bit

"Not today baby but come pick me up later at 3.00" she smiled and then walked out.

*Kat's POV*

I had to go to work today, me and Doniya were going to bring the rest of Zayn's family to see Zayn again but we had to work together and we had to work fast.

Doniya was meeting me at work.

"Ok so my parents miss Zayn a lot and they will come, just make sure Zayn is here at 3.00" she said before walking out and leaving me to work.

I missed Zayn already and the day dragged in but I started to get excited knowing that today Zayn would see his family again, it was almost three and I text Zayn to meet me inside.

I was standing there, Zayn's mum, dad and sisters were sitting at a table just waiting for Zayn and then I seen him walk in an di just prayed that this went well

*Authors note*

Hey hope you like the first chapter and I'm sorry it's so short, next one should be longer :)

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