Love is EXTREMELY confusing!

Have you ever fell in love with someone, regretted it, and then in the end, everything is really confusing about who loves who? Well, that is what happens in this story. It's actually a role play and it's meant to be a fairytale, but with humans in it! Hope you enjoy reading it!
Ps. Some part's are based on a true story!


1. Summary and Cast of the play!

Love is EXTREMELY confusing!

Summary: There was once a couple that lived in the land of L.G.S. They were King Oscar and Queen Amber. Both of them loved each other dearly, but one day a guy named Dravson came into the kingdom with his girlfriend Anny and friend Mary. Very weird things happened for a while because, in Oscar’s opinion, Mary looked way more prettier than his girlfriend Amber! Also, Oscar had a maid named Layla, and he needed a new chef. Therefore, he got a guy called Zaiyn. Things don’t go so well for a few months, but in the end, All’s well that end’s well.



Oscar: King of the kingdom LGS.

Amber: Queen of the kingdom LGS.

Dravson: The Duke of Loveland and Anny’s fiancè.

Anny: Dravson’s girlfriend.

Mary: A good friend of both, Dravson and Mary.

Layla: A poor, but beautiful girl, and Oscar’s maid.

Zaiyn: A bold, and a bit crazy, guy and Oscar’s chef.

Lady Santa: Oscar’s mother; very old, but gives good advice.

Father Erdie: Amber’s father, very rich and grand.

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